Allure Luxury Group is a union of artisanal Manufactories of narrow specializations – furniture, parquet, stone products, lighting, outdoor furniture, interior decors. 

All production sites are located in Italy. In the manufacturing of products of high precision, modern digital machines are used. Still, in the decorations, our craftsmen maintain the handmade traditions applying the jewelry techniques.

During the implementation of joint integrated projects, the nuances of each stage of technical design development and production are coordinated among the Group’s Manufactures, which ensures virtuosity of the final result.
Quality control is carried out at two stages. First, each product's quality control is checked at the Manufactorie's site. Then the general inspection of the entire composition. At this stage, the connection of technical units, engineering, aesthetic result is assured.

Our Group is honored to cooperate in partnership with Architects, embodying the design, developed on the basis of our collections of furniture, lighting, parquet, stone products, decors, or totally bespoke design.

Should a Client request, we will recommend Architects and Designers with whom we have had successful collaboration in the implementation of interiors for private residences, elite office premises, hotel chains, boutique hotels, restaurants, yachts and private jets.

NOTE: For confidentiality reasons, we do not publicly provide our portfolio. Information about completed projects is available for viewing in private.