Brand Alchymia is preceded by a small decorative Atelier, created by Italian artist Lucio Doro in 1977 in Meda – a North Italian village, that is used to be the heart of modern Italian furniture industry.

The Maestro's inspiration for creating the Atelier was the desire to introduce ancient jewelry and decorative art schools in the art of interior design. Thus, was created the first collection of wall panels boiserie, decorated with gesso technique and amethyst inlay.

The collection was exquisite, and most of the furniture manufactories of Meda area launched the decoration of their furniture by Lucio Doro Atelier.

Of course, the Atelier would not have had such success without the support of Antonella - spouse of Lucio. Meanwhile, the next generation of the family Doro joined the business in 2000: Giuditta - architect, Antonietta - artist, Emanuele - virtual visualizer, and David – current CEO of the manufactory. The brand Alchymia was created by David initiative, and the first Alchymia collections of furniture, lighting and decors were presented during the international interior fashion show Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The actual concept of Alchymia interior presents an active design, the hallmark of which is the presence of sophisticated and extravagant decors.

The range of finishings includes about 100 options, each of them represents a certain historical culture. In the latest collections the protagonist has become the South American wood Sucupira, thanks to its unique texture of brown shades interspersed with ivory streaks, with natural mother of pearl marquetry.

Today, many architects define the Alchymia products as the modern museum exhibits.