Since 1982 Brummel is specialized in production of luxury kitchen furniture.

Brummel products are recognized among the most luxurious collections in the world thanks to the unique know-how of its design laboratory:

·      All elements of the kitchen, both front visible and invisible internal components, are made using a solid wood blocks, which propostions are calculated by technologists individually, according to the overall dimensions of the furniture composition, to ensure the optimal tension removal of the wood and, thus, guarantee a long-term active use of kitchen furniture.

·      All visible and invisible details of furniture composition are exposed to the same coloration / coating, which provides an irreproachable aesthetic effect, as well as a continuous homogeneous protection of natural wood from the external aggressive environment.

·      Furniture compositions are equipped with unique sliding systems, exclusively designed by Brummel engineers. Thus, one kitchen composition can have different application scenarios – a bar lounge / cooking area / snack table.

·      The design laboratory offers 15 collections in art-deco, modern and classical styles, basing on which factory designers perform personalized exclusive projects, finishings, decors, accessories.

Having gained an international recognition of luxurious kitchen manufactory, Brummel expanded its production site to turn-key company. Today, Brummel produces furniture for dressing rooms, bathrooms, doors, floor coverings, night and day areas, what allows to maintain an ideal combination of complex technical units and to harmonize finishing materials.