Minotti Collezioni was born in the centre of the worldwide known area of Meda and Brianza in Northern Italy in 1950. In this famous productive area a family owned manufactory starts its production of bespoke furniture.

Nowadays, the attention of Minotti Collezioni general manager Architect Fabio Minotti is aimed towards the creation of a proper interior philosophy, referred to as The After Work Living Philosophy, which entirely involves the Customer by conveying a particular mood and a certain lifestyle. 

Minotti Collezioni style is recognized by soft beige – fume tonalities and refined finishings, like nubuk, velvet, liquid brass, rose gold leaf, American walnut wood “Canaletto”, as well as different lighting scenarios incorporated in furniture, with, at the same time, sophisticated nuances such as crampfish leather, Murano glass, natural horn.

Due to the high technological abilities, the Minotti Collezioni Projects division has developed its own particular features, leading the factory to focus on the creation of totally customized items, along with the standard collections.