The history of Tavar began in 1950 with the production of traditional wooden floors. After winning the leading position in this segment, the factory has expanded its products range by creating an engineering board. In addition to the technological innovation at that time, each collection presented exotic wood essences, unusual design and personalized color schemes.

Today, Tavar is located in the Italian city Ravenna, near the port of Candiano channel (Adriatic coast). Such location is strategic due to the optimization of wood direct supply by sea to the factory's production site  from all over the world. Manufacturing and warehouse facilities are also based here, with total space of 100,000 square meters. Tavar has its own complete production circuit - from wood air-drying to parquet exclusive decorings. Tavar advanced technologies allow the installation of our flooring on sites with very high traffic flows, on underfloor heating (both water and electric heating), in yachts.

Tavar exceptional skills and technical advantages can be best demonstrated by the realized projects.
Reconstruction of La Scala Theatre in Milan. Tavar completed the reconstruction and replacement of flooring in Verdi hall, gallery and twenty rooms of the museum of the Theatre (Architect Mario Botta).
The list of projects performed by the factory for the world architectural monuments includes the premises of the monumental complex of the Kremlin in Moscow, the famous Museum of Capodimonte in Naples, the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Rome, the Temple of St. Pio of Petralcina in San Giovanni Rotondo (project of Arch. Renzo Piano), Modena University Library.
Tavar was honored to restore with its decking collection the Promenade in the historic port of Cesenatico, designed by Leonardo da Vinci five centuries ago.

Among the famous cultural sites – the new Exhibition Center of Milan, designed by the Architect Massimiliano Fuksas, Tortona fashion center of Milan, showroom Valentino in Milan, the Japanese Embassy in Rome, the Sports Palace in Istanbul, VIP hall of the stadium Dallara in Bologna, chain hotels Marriot, Excelsior, departure terminals and Vip lounge at Marco Polo airport in Venice (high resistance parquet, Architect Gian Paolo Mara) and other facilities.

Tavar product range offers:
- Engineering board (3-ply, 2-ply, listellare)
- Art and antique parquet
- Classic solid-wood parquet
- Thermo parquet
- Exotic wood parquet
- Decking
- Parquet of high resistance for sites with extra-intensive flows
- Industrial wood flooring

Our special attention is dedicated to our antique collection Memento, born from recovery of centenarians woods. An oak that carries on its back the signs of aging, tracks make every centimeter unique, unrepeatable. A product that beautifully celebrates 65 years of our company. A wood that, as Tavar, has many stories to tell.