In our beautiful epoch of creativity, the harmony with the nature inspires for the development of luxurious, ecological  creations without the use of any animal-based raw materials:

– Iconic designers offer exquisite eco-friendly finishes for clothing and interiors.
– Elite chefs and sommeliers create sophisticated, delicious and healthy vegan food and beverages.
– Respectable cosmetic brands do not spare investments to test their products not on animals, but exclusively under clinical conditions, which, being the most expensive method of testing, is also the only way to ensure the highest quality of cosmetic products.

Allure Luxury Group is honored to join the worldwide appeal for a total refusal of all animal products and for the preservation of the greatness of nature. 

Yes, beauty will save the world. The beauty of love, kindness and humanity.

Irena Kazimirskaya

Founder and Managing Director of Allure Luxury Group

Friday, March 4, 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine

The charity event, organized by Allure Luxury Group srl., is dedicated to the fund raising for the amplification of the Shelter Italia Kj2, created by Mr. Andrea Cisternino in Ukraine.

The purpose of the fundraising: on the platform of the Shelter Italia Kj2 of Mr. Andrea Cisternino, to create the model of the financially self-sustainable shelter with a part dedicated to services on payment to the public, which will include:
-green tourism: vacation homes and vegan restaurant
-zoo hotel
-zoo clinic
-zoo store
-behavior school for animals, including education of stray animals for eventual psychological support

The project will allow to increase the space of the shelter to accommodate more homeless animals, provide locally treatments, trainings and adaptations for rescued animals.

After the realization of the first project of the financially self-sustainable shelter, the organizational model will be granted free of charge to interested parties for the creation of analogous projects.

We invite to support the project. The charitable donation can be made to the bank account of the charity fund of the Association “International Animal Protection League Charitable Foundation” created by Andrea Cisternino.

The charitable event scheduled for March 4th 2022 has been postponed until further notice.