The first Italian HyperCar with a set-up inspired by the current Formula 1, to have the same sensations on the track and on the road, starting with the driver’s seat, designed for comfort that until now was reserved only to champions.

Complete and complex aerodynamics, with a real front wing, for a total immersion in the flows.

The rough, deep voice of the over 720 hp ten-cylinder, the lightness and stiffness of the steel and carbon body, a weight-to-power ratio of 1.3 kg / hp and a running weight of 1089 kg are just some of the features that make PJ-01 a real single-seater on the road.

With a performance superior to its category in braking, cornering and speed, the Pambuffetti “PJ-01” was created to enhance the potential of sporty driving on the road, mixing out-of-class grit with active safety never experienced before.

The technological research, the instrumentation and an important know-how in the design, allow this HyperCar, completely handcrafted, to make two tangent worlds converge in one.


What does a driver feel driving a single-seater?


You are about to find it out with the Pambuffetti “PJ-01”.


Technical project: To realize such an ambitious idea, we started by identifying characteristics that, being the basis of the very definition of “Single seater”, would have made it possible to achieve the goal.

Driving position: Completely redesigned, with the feet higher than the pelvis, to immerse themselves in the car, becoming part of the aerodynamic concept around which the car is designed and receiving in return the purest driving sensation. Without filters, without compromise.

Frame: The basic idea, a real competitive advantage and a solid foundation for many models. The heart that holds the secrets of PJ-01, from aerodynamic concepts to single-seater handling, everything is tangibly different.

Push-Rod Suspensions: designed and manufactured for PJ-01, at home, like all the distinctive components. Together with the chassis and aerodynamics, they contribute to the distinctive characteristics of the car, fully adjustable, adapt to the road, give smiles on the track.

Engine: naturally aspirated V10, 5,200cc, up to 820 hp, Italian base, Pambuffetti character. With a power to weight ratio of 1.35 km / hp, 800nm ​​of torque and a voice that excites.

Frontal graft change: Derived from Racing and with a gear change 10 times faster than the blink of an eye, it brings the concepts of road car and single-seater closer to one another.

Aerodynamics: Every single element has been designed according to its function, from the frame smoothed by the air flows, to the compact gearbox and inside the axles to make room for the extractor, everything is functional, as a single-seater requires.

Brand: The Pambuffetti brand, clearly visible even when looking at the car from above, represents “the Drop”: the most aerodynamic shape existing in nature, the inspiring principle and distinctive feature of the company.

Engine: Of Italian origin, but reworked in-house, as well as the whole heart of the car. The aforementioned purpose was entrusted to an internal specialist team, led by the skilled hands of Attilio Mattioli who, from the top of his thirty years of experience in high-performance mechanics, states: “With the PJ-01 we have innovated, evolved and diversified. However, when you get on board you will find a car in its purest essence. No invasive controls, no compromises, everything is in its place, but everything is different, and it is evident from the first start. From the first emotion.  I think this is the greatest feature of the PJ-01.

Testing and performance: A car with these ambitions, a car born to excite, can only be developed by those who know about emotions. Andrea Boldrini, an established Umbrian driver, Italian Formula 3 champion in 1996, Porsche Carrera Cup champion and now an established Porsche Academy instructor, was chosen for the arduous task. He, who was the “first” to realize how good the project was returning to the road, says:

The natural habitat of the PJ-01 is the track and this becomes clear as soon as its” limits “can be tested on a track. The braking system, derived from Racing and without brake booster, transmits a direct feeling with the car from the very first approach, giving the driver maximum control over the vehicle.

Lap after lap, subjecting the car to stress, you can appreciate how the performance does not undergo variations, establishing a trust in the vehicle that transforms driving into joy.

The latest generation Bosch ABS, equipped on the PJ-01, guarantees it obtains maximum braking force in every situation. The possibility then of having 12 programs available, allow it to vary from a total electronic control up to its complete exclusion, thus allowing to adapt the instrument to every habit of the pilot. At the end of the test one thing was clear to me: The PJ-01 is like a teenager from a good family, she knows how to be polite and knows how to be in every situation, but it is when the lights go out and you enter the track that she is completely at ease.

Design: The design, a difficult and not at all obvious task given the technical constraints dictated by the refined aerodynamic flows, was conceived and created by Marco Sforna and his young team. I Pambuffetti (Family) after having seen the enormous potential of the Designer and having raised him “at home”, have entrusted her with the responsibility of the PJ-01, seeing in that mix of novelties and know-how necessary to lead such an ambitious project. Marco, saturated with innovative and industrially complete ideas, grew up under the careful supervision of Juri, passing on aspects of the technical-engineering know-how necessary to complete his training.

Marco on the PJ01:

“In front of the white cloth, we set ourselves only one goal: to take a single-seater to the road. Stylistically, we started with aerodynamics as a fixed point, modeling and adapting each line that distinguishes the PJ-01 to the concept of efficiency. The result is an aggressive but sinuous line, without any aspect prevailing over the other, in the perfect harmony of the elements that give elegance to the whole. The purpose of design is therefore this, to create objects that know how to combine style and effectiveness, beauty and feasibility.

The Founder: Juri Pambuffetti, eclectic entrepreneur with a passion for Motor Sport, combines the excellences necessary to transform his dream first into a project and then into a company. His undisputed design and construction skills go hand in hand with his innate propensity for entrepreneurship, this allowed him to start the PJ-01 project with clear ideas in all aspects: starting from “men” and “knowledge” – as necessary, passing through the expected developments and then reaching full production. This made it possible to found the path on solid foundations.

Juri on the PJ-01: “The PJ-01 is nothing more than the construction of the car I’ve always had in mind. An uncompromising car, which does not look at marketing logic but aims directly at emotions, because in my opinion the only way to establish itself in a market with many important players is to bring a product of the highest quality and different. Different in that we started with racing concepts and components and then adapted them to the road, and not the other way around. The result is therefore a car that focuses on emotions, which is well suited to the road, but which never fails to make its track nature understood. To achieve this we started from a frame that has been completely designed and that we build ourselves, this has allowed us to develop everything we had in mind.