Dining Rooms

The dining room is a place where all loved ones and friends gather for special occasions, holidays, and overall bonding.

They could be anywhere in the world, but the dining room is “the spot” of the household that brings everyone together and their best selves to the occasion.

In an area of the indoors that’s generally more eclectic than the rest, this is the place where memories are made, photos get taken – all to cherish years later.

Dining table with gloss gold or black chromed legs crafted with by skillfully welded tubes. The top is available in a variety of dimensions and can even be decorated in wood, glass, marble or upholstered in leather.

Bookshelves with bronze or dark chrome varnished structure, available in different configurations. Shelves available in leather or marble. Box upholstered in leather and available with or without stitching, as well as front only or back and front opening.

Sideboard with bronze details. Structure upholstered in leather and glass doors. Internal drawer with stitching door, top in marble with back lighting.

Wholly upholstered armchair, available with stitched seating or with structure upholstered in printed leather.

Dining table with sculpturesque bronze base. The top is available in marble, wood, or hand-painted finishes.

The chairs are also available in high back, wholly upholstered or with wooden legs. Option to have the outer backrest plain or with ELLE stitching.

Sideboard with bronze details. The structure is upholstered in leather and doors consist of fine stitching. The top is in marble with backlighting.

Dining table with sculpturesque base, characterized by the contrast between its similar finishes – either bronze and gloss gold or black chrome and chromed steel. The top is available in a variety of dimensions and can be decorated or made from wood or marble.

Wholly upholstered small armchair with black chrome or gloss brass legs.

Dining table with artistic gloss gold or black chrome tubes, skillfully curved and welded.

The top is available in a variety of dimensions and can be made out of wood, marble, glass or upholstered in leather.

Elegant and sculpturesque dining table, base in bronze fusion. Top available in natural wood with hand-painted finishes, upholstered in leather or marble.

Upholstered chair, also available with a high back, with wooden legs. Outer backrest plain or with ELLE stitching.