Bazzi Interiors is a company defined by their knowledge of the most beautiful styles of the past, all in perfect balance between exclusiveness and the truest expression of Made in Italy. This is a new domestic landscape, where the colours, materials and finishes create a beautiful play on your desire for exclusivity and luxury.


The company has a long and prestigious history in the creation and design of interiors and furnishings, open to the most daring experiments as well as the most sophisticated requests of a clientele that demands only the best.

Today, Bazzi Interiors preserves the finest knowhow and expertise in artisan craftsmanship from centuries ago. Moreover, the manufactory successfully combines the most sophisticated techniques and manual skills with modern construction and production technologies.
We firmly believe in the future of high-class artisan workmanship, in order to respond to a clientele that is open to the imagination, those feelings and emotions that arise from furniture and furnishings designed without setting limits on creativity and built with all that expertise and mastery from yesteryear.