Thanks to the innovative system with metal uprights, Moretti Cucine is the only company able to create kitchens in 3 different structures – Wall, Hybrid and Panel – designed specifically to meet any customer’s needs, without undergoing the usual limitations to which we are accustomed today, or even double-sided Panel, with the living side joined to the kitchen.

The different solutions allow you to furnish spaces with many creative solutions, from linear or angle compositions to independent units, as well as creating proper partitions.

The kitchens are customizable through a wide range of finishes, a wide modularity and different types of integrated handles or groove openings, all created to design furniture reflecting the ideas of the customer and thus meet all his expectations.



This structure represents the maximum of technological innovation of Moretti Cucine kitchens. The metal uprights are the same height as the kitchen, making it independent of the wall, so panels are applied to these uprights to act as a wall behind the kitchen work area and to support the wall units. Another important advantage of the Moretti Cucine kitchen is that there is no need for tiles. In addition, the kitchen, not needing a wall behind it, can be positioned anywhere in the interior with the possibility of it becoming a partition wall. 

The Panel structure allows to have a perfect ventilation on the back of the kitchen, to avoid the formation of mold harmful to health.  The worktop is 62 cm. 


In the Hybrid kitchen there are spacers applied behind the bases’ sides, which allow to have an increased sanitary vacuum and provide for the passage of water, gas and drain pipes, so you are free to place the appliances at any point without having to do masonry work, making free design; in addition, the worktop is 68 cm deep, perfect in the possible choice of induction hobs. Another important feature of the Hybrid kitchen is being inspectable from the front through the removable back panels. In this solution the wall units are fixed to the wall in the traditional way.


This kitchen is made in the traditional way, with the columns and bases against the wall and the wall units hanging on the wall; the innovative uprights are therefore absent, but all the other features of high quality materials and components, the different types of finishes or openings remain unchanged. This kitchen is recommended in case the walls are suitable to support the wall units and there are no particular problems in the arrangement of water, gas and drains. The total depth of the worktop is 62 cm.

Double-sided Panel

The PANEL kitchen allows you to create a solution with a kitchen side and a LIVING side. Perfect for out-of-square walls, wooden houses, plasterboard walls, stone walls or in any situation where you want to avoid drilling holes in the walls. The Moretti Cucine kitchen does not require any ground fixing, only in some special cases a single fixing to the wall is required. The uprights include a system for the passage of water, gas and drainage pipes and electrical cables inside the same uprights, so you are free to place appliances anywhere without having to do any masonry work, making a free design. 

Another important feature of the Panel kitchen is being inspectable from the front through the removable back panels.


The Evolution mood is distinguished by the vertical groove opening on tall units and horizontal groove on base units. A functional kitchen with multiple facets, a clean and modern style but creative at the same time, offered by the range of melamine finishes selected for this model.

Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand and are translated into useful solutions but also design.

A young and creative kitchen, the furniture elements, the shapes and colors: here everything is free from the schemes and at the same time everything is studied in every detail to create a lively but balanced environment.

The kitchen is creative thanks to the decorations that enhance the space for a touch of originality.

An aluminum element with customizable shelves and backs to which accessories or ladle holders can be added. Perfect for equipping the space between wall units and columns. 

Materials blend together, marble finish tops and backs for a simple yet luxurious final effect. The dark gray laminate wall units give the right rhythm to this composition, making it unique and distinctive.

There are many elements and details in the kitchen designed by Moretti Cucine, the full-height tall units with vertical groove give impulse and personality. In addition to design, finishes are also the protagonists in the kitchen and their combinations are important to express the character of the environment, but above all of those who live in it.

The two-tone column, available in Palatino red and Ash Frassino Cenere finishes, gives a solid and concrete look at first glance.


Elegant and refined design, double finish doors are synonymous with uniqueness and richness.

The best interpretation is achieved through the details: zinc metallic lacquered wall units, paneling and top in Fenix Hamilton, Natural double finish door in Fenix Hamilton and brown oak veneer.

Glass, aluminium and marble-finished HPL: technique and style take shape. Solutions that represent the meeting point between traditional materials and a new interpretational sensitivity.

The design of the door Natural allows you to combine the wide range of materials between them: finishes, unique colors and a variety of precious woods to create projects destined for excellence.

A new point of view with a unique character. A linear project that surprises by being elegant or extremely original thanks to the new material finishes, veneered or lacquered.

New elements that evolve from simple shelves to precious bookcases and host, among containers and memories, even favorite novels to read on the couch or old grandmother’s recipe books to use for Sunday lunches with the family.

No detail is left to chance in Moretti Cucine projects, even the less visible parts receive the care and attention they deserve to make intelligent use of any space. Aesthetics and functionality are the winning ingredients.

Details are certainly not spared in this kitchen where the equipped drawers embellish the base units enhancing their storage capacities. Moretti Cucine achieves the perfect combination of functionality, strong character and unconventionality.

Like a treasure chest, the columns guard the fulcrum of the kitchen: the doors are proposed in oak veneer stained brown and the handle embellishes with its essential design.


Harmonious lines, refined materials and functional modularity for all needs.

The Venere kitchen is characterized by doors with horizontal groove opening system on the bases and vertical groove or vertical handle on the columns.

A kitchen that becomes an environment, where the pleasure of cooking is naturally associated with the pleasure of relationships. Moretti Cucine, a space that expands with intelligence and ergonomics. The perfect place in which to socialize and express one’s own style.

Achieving excellence is the result of decisions you make every day. Careful choice of appliances can be the winning move to simplify tasks and make life in the kitchen easier.

Freedom to imagine, conviviality and dialogue between shapes, spaces and volumes, contrast of materials and thicknesses to highlight the different areas of the kitchen. The top in Efeso grey Fenix is supported by the elegant and light metal frame base with glass shelves.

The harmonious look of the matt moss and matt stone lacquer is interrupted by graphic effects created by wall units in matt black metal plate. Games of full and empty spaces, games of color, games of style for an essential kitchen that does not go unnoticed.

Welcoming, practical and functional: this and much more, available in many color finishes, allows you to design a kitchen in an optimized way. You can, in fact, use even the corners of the house, with a composition that embraces the environment.


Practical and quick, the external handle is an integral part of the kitchen design.

The Easy kitchen features a door with an external handle. A kitchen with neutral tones but at the same time young and dynamic, which does not renounce to lively moods thanks to the touch of color given by the wide range of materials available, from melamine to materic finishes, veneered or lacquered.

The softness of white, a spicy touch of walnut: the right mix to live the kitchen with taste and style. An environment to be discovered, to be lived in, where several details make the difference. The open bookcase is functional and spacious to contain everything you need and have it always at hand.

Each drawer and basket can be embellished with separators, all Moretti Cucine models allow an optimal organization of the storage compartments. The drawers inside the drawer are designed to better organize utensils, accessories and what you need to give vent to your creativity in the kitchen.

The columns are equipped with the most modern technological proposals.

The total extraction mechanism is inserted in the single column. The soft colors of the finishes satisfy the eye without ever tiring it, while the touch is constantly stimulated by material and elegant surfaces.

The practical opening of this island reveals a capacious space, ideal for storing all the objects that can not miss in a kitchen. The other ingredient in this successful recipe is the recessed handle, when it comes to style it’s always the details that make the difference.


Young, fresh, versatile and out of the box, for a decisive and uncompromising style.

The Concept model gives space for creativity in the kitchen and offers a menu full of ingredients and flavors to mix and match. Moretti Cucine, with its creativity and temperament, offers everything you need to create the perfect kitchen.

Young and versatile composition, the snack top makes the environment functional but informal. The combination of various tone on tone finishes gives elegance and originality.

With its many chromatic and functional proposals, the kitchen satisfies all tastes, from the most natural and linear to the most creative.

Functionality takes on a new form, giving life to solutions that make the kitchen more comforting. An innovative design in which practicality and aesthetics merge, enhancing each other: a mix of natural finishes meet materials and accessories of the latest generation.

For a decisive and uncompromising style, modern and extroverted, the Concept kitchen expresses the modern style of the horizontal groove opening on bases and columns. The customization of the door is given by the range of melamine finishes available for this model.


From the kitchen to the living room, the step is short: in the living area, the same finishes can be found on different furnishings, obviously designed for different functions. The composition is linear and relies heavily on volumes, but without neglecting style and a very trendy combination of finishes.

Coordinated or independent from the kitchen, to make the most of this space as well.

The open wall units with aluminum frame and glass or wood shelves allow you to choose between a wide modularity, to ensure maximum freedom of choice and create compositions perfectly following your personal taste.

Fullness and emptiness, color and transparency distinguish the Living composition. The lacquered brick-mortar container in contrast to the fluctuating presence of the frame wall unit with glass shelf are a bold and refined mix.

Creative space, free solutions. This new proposal by Moretti Cucine leaves freedom of choice to create a living area without schemes, which can rethink a warm traditional aesthetic in a modern key.

The base units on the floor accommodate the TV while closed and open wall units create equipped and decorative structures. The environments dialogue with each other through the furniture, geometries and finishes while maintaining the specificity of their functions.