Niche fragrances unisex

An olfactory journey towards lost kingdoms. A collection of fragrances inspired by those men and women who shaped the history of mankind and changed its course forever. The world would not be the same without them. The perfumes of the collection Voyage Royal wisely combine together power and nobleness, ferocity and intelligence, acuity and violence, just like the characters they represent.


The target of Voyage Royal transcends gender and age but has a distinctive characteristic: the passion for the noble great families of the past and for those fragrances that embody their values. Men and women, boys and girls who seek luxury, nobility and power, typical of a past era, in the perfumes they wear.


The design of the Voyage Royal bottles recalls the timeless classic and iconic style of the past that has always been synonymous with elegance, luxury and value. The bottle is made of a noble glass which, through warm and elegant colors, envelops the fragrance and gives it preciousness and finesse. The boxes become a communication tool to tell the story of the dynasties and the historical characters graphically, recalling the past eras, from Liberty to Byzantine, and the background pattern refers to the tapestries of the noble houses which dominate the history of Voyage Royal.


Lucrezia Borgia

I am a Borgia, this has always been before me. They are afraid of me because of my father, the Pope, and my brother. I do love them, but first and foremost I am Lucrezia, I live as I wish. This is the reason why I had to abandon them and leave Rome. To find my own way.

I still remember the day I entered Ferrara as the future Duchess. I felt beautiful, the joyful crowd was praising me. I felt like a new life was beginning, it really was. But I am a Borgia and I will always be.


The Pope’s Daughter opens up with a interweaving of cardamom and black pepper, which confer brightness and mystery to the creation, introducing the characteristic and warm accord of the heart, where amber, labdanum and an intriguing geranium, stand out. On the bottom, an extra creamy sandalwood accord hugs the mélange, mixing up with the majesty of cedar wood and the typical elegance of musk.

Olfactive family: woody, spicy

Main raw materials: Cardamom, Amber, Geranium, Musk



Luca begins his career in the perfume industry in 2007 through an individual training course in Grasse with Françoise Marin. Since 2011 he’s been working as a perfumer in Atelier Fragranze Milano. Specializing in Fine Fragrance, Air Scent and Candles, he loves to create olfactory emotions. He has already signed around fifty creations, especially for Niche Perfumery and won two major international awards. Finds inspiration in everything around him and in particular in nature and flowers. He loves classicism and vintage, but is equally attracted to modern art and hi-tech world. He dreams to create the fragrance of the future.


Henry VII

30 years. So long it took to end this war. It all started before I was born but as fate would have it I was the winner. Two families, the Yorks and the Lancasters, the two roses, they struggled for decades for the throne of England. At Bosworth Field some of my enemies changed and came on my side. You don’t need only strenght to win your battles, you also need a strategy. Now the two roses became one, finally.


Contemporary and at the same time classic, this creation reveals elegance and personality. A Floral accord with fresh and Fruity touches discloses a refined and precious bouquet that expresses the character of a timeless composition. The drydown is a mélange of enveloping woods with ambery shades, touched by Musky caresses. An olfactory story that hits straight to the heart.

Olfactive family: floral, woody

Main raw materials: Rose petals, Violet, Cedarwood, White musk



Passionate and adventurous, Cyrill Roland grows up in the south of France, where he studies chemistry. He joined Mane in the 1990, where he develops a real passion for the natural ingredients. After time, Cyrill becomes the responsible of the fragrance production department. Then, he moves to the creation department, where he starts developing new Mane extracts naturals. His 20 years of experience have helped him develop a unique collection of natural fragrances and inspire him today in the creation of Fine. His creations involve a love for Florals such as Rose Pays, for Benzoin, Davana, Spices and exotic aromas. He is inspired by textures and materials like silk, leather and gold. Furthermore, he loves reading history books and travelling. In particular, he enjoys strolling in the streets of Venice during the carnival, where he can admire the variety of costumes and colours.


Vlad Tepes III

I am the biggest and most valiant commander ever. My kingdom expands all the way from north to south for hundreds of miles, I am surrounded by enemies but nobody ever marched on my lands or will ever do it. My name is Vlad Tepes III, Voivod of Wallachia and a Knight of the Holy Order of the Dragon, but people call me Dracula, the Impaler. I impale my enemies and watch them dying. Some people say I am cruel but if you want to be the biggest you can’t have mercy.


An explosive, dynamic and overwhelming accord comes from the encounter of a mix of citrusy, juicy and colorful notes. The heart strongly reveals aromatic and herbaceous tones enriched by modern floral touches and delicategreen nuances. The composition culminates in woody, warm and elegant shades that give character and breath to the creation.

Olfactive family: cologne, aromatic

Main raw materials: Lemon, Mandarin, Rosemary, Cedarwood



Passionate about scents, Sophie dived into Perfumery by collecting miniature bottles and by recognizing spices and other perfumed materials of everyday life. She went at the ISIPCA to learn the history and the basics of perfumery and joined Mane perfumery school in 1998 with Serge Majoullier . In 2000, she joined the Mexican team and created for the biggest local and South American brands for almost 10 years. Now, she joins the perfumers team in the head office in Bar sur Loup, in France. Sophie is guided by her emotions. She draws her inspiration from what surrounds her: from colours and their associations, for example in fashion or in jewelry, from her various journeys and from past memories. Sophie loves colours and tastes of Mexico where she lived almost 10 years, and Paris where she was born and always comes back. Exploring olfactory atmospheres and emotions, is for her, a fascinating way to express her creativity.


William I

Hastings. Today, nothing else but a small fishermen village. Though, the biggest battle of the current era was fought exactly there. The battle to control England. That day, the Saxon warriors were deployed and their shields formed an almost impassable wall. We beat them off the entire day, only at sunset we breached their ranks. That same day I led my Normans to victory. This is why they call me William the Conqueror, the King of England.


The conqueror is a symphony of pure and exquisite elegance, with joyful notes of pimento berries that contrast the suppleness of velvety rose petals. Safraleine plays notes with a mix of silky saffron and one of the most precious tobaccos, with slightly leathery and herbaceous notes. The heart is magical, majestic and opulent with an enchanting sensual oud accord and a stylish patchouli mixing up with a sublime and addictive caramel praline accord. The delicious warmth of an emotional vanilla, wrapped by ambery musky notes embellishes this unique tailored interpretation.

Olfactive family: oriental, gourmand

Main raw materials: Pimento berry oil, Saffron, Patchouli, Vanilla Orchid



Jordi has a real passion for the complicated art of Middle Eastern perfumery. He is so fascinated by this region that, after spending so many years in creating fragrances suitable for the Middle East, he is now very well and strongly acquainted with its culture and traditions. He discovered a huge quantity of fragrances by visiting places, meeting local people and plunging into this culture. Jordi perfectly knows how to distinguish the kind of oud most suitable for a specific region of the Arabic peninsula or how to create a blend with the same strong opulence. Nonetheless, his style is at the same time versatile and multifaceted thanks to his expertise with different types of fragrances.