Niche perfumery

Allure Luxury Group is honoured to present a worthy legacy of the greatest culture – Italian capsule perfumery and cosmetics laboratories.

Julius Caesar was the first to bring perfumery compositions to the Roman Empire. During this period of prosperity, the Romans indulged in luxury and generously used perfumed components in their daily lives – applied to bed linen, added to wine and other beverages and performed aromatic baths.

The exquisite fragrances were a demonstration of the status of the wearer and were only available to the wealthy.

Perfumery culture was further developed in Venice during the Middle Ages. Through the main channel of the centre of trade, raw materials reached Europe. And the “pomander”, a piece of jewellery in which incense was placed for perfuming as well as protecting against infections, is also created.

It was also in Venice that perfume bottles made from Murano glass first began to be made.

And, of course, Renaissance Florence. The very name of this city is dedicated to the goddess of flowers, Flora.

The famous Florentine Catherine de Medici brought the famous alchemist René to France, who was famous for his knowledge of poisons and perfumes, and created unique plumes of fragrance for the Queen.

It is in Florence that the world’s oldest perfumery still operates, the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, founded in 1221 by the monks of the Order of St Dominic.

The monks grew medicinal herbs in the monastery’s garden to make medicines, soaps and fragrances.

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