Bespoke clothing for men

A team of modellers, tailors, knitters, embroiderers, artisans with excellent skills and refined craftsmanship carefully shape the material to give life to unique garments of timeless style, paying attention to every single detail to embody the desire.

The tailors – ambassadors of a refined luxury, habitually travel all over the world and are available for trunk-shows and private tailoring together with personalized consulting services, wherever requested by our clients, individuals and companies. Suits, shirts, cashmere knitwear and garments in fine leathers are totally created in Italy.

The manufacturing tradition offers its customers the experience of wearing a garment in a harmonious dialogue between body, personality and demands of which they can choose model, cut and all other details such as lapels, buttons, inner lining, collar, buttonholes and cuffs.


The customer, who usually already appreciates and enjoys bespoke tailoring, at the first meeting with the master tailor, expresses his wishes. In this case, the measurement is only corporal.

Then the master tailor cuts the precious fabric, after having marked it with chalk, creating a unique model. Given the care dedicated to every single garment, this production is made in limited samples.

Thanks to the strictly artisan nature of the service, there will never be two identical garments, even for the same customer.

Our materials

A wide choice of fine materials, coming from the best manufacturers of ancient textile tradition, spinning and Italian tanning: wools and cottons, silks, cashmere and leathers are proposed to our customer in a wide range of colors and patterns among which we accompany him wisely in the most suitable choice to meet his needs, interpret his personality and realize his desire.


Magnificent lightness

In the dictionary of the Italian language, Tasmanian® is synonymous with “light wool fabric”. Its iconicity was born in the 1960s, from the reinterpretation of an exceptional fabric, which Loro Piana produced for ecclesiastical clothing. Today, as then, Tasmanian® wools are among the lightest in the world, weighing only 250 grams per meter, and come from the remote island of Tasmania, south of Australia.

Tasmanian® Loro Piana dresses with sophistication all year round. Produced from the finest 170’S wool lots, whose fiber measures only 15 microns, it stands out for its extraordinary softness, smoothness and fluidity and gives impeccable style anytime, anywhere.


Always impeccable fit

Zelander® Loro Piana was born in an ancient land, mother of strong and brave warriors: New Zealand. On its highlands, in open and uncontaminated spaces, live the extraordinary merino sheep, capable of producing prodigious fibers, unique for their resistance and elasticity. Superior qualities brought to excellence by Loro Piana’s exclusive spinning and weaving techniques.

Zelander® Loro Piana, thanks to a resistant and high-performance fiber, guarantees an excellent elegance in every situation, because it is able to absorb external solicitations, guaranteeing an always impeccable fit and drape.


Elegance in every season

Australis Loro Piana was born in a mysterious, extreme and wild land: Australia, called since the times of the ancient Romans Terra Australis Incognita, or Southern Unknown Land. Here, where extremely low temperatures, with cold winds coming from the Arctic, alternate with drought, merino sheep live with a precious coat, from which the refined Super 150’S wools are born.
For those who don’t want to renounce elegance in every season of the year, Australis is the perfect choice. Its wonderful softness and fluidity give unique sensations.
Australis Natural Stretch: a wool naturally endowed with an internal memory, which allows the fiber to remember and resume its original shape, for a perfect style in every situation.

Focus on fabric

Thomas Mason, synonymous with stylistic revolution since 1796, weaves its strong creative vision with a contemporary, original and international taste.

Strictly designed in Italy and made with precious raw materials and cutting-edge technologies, our fabrics tell stories of pure excellence, combining tradition, elegance and craftsmanship, and ensuring innovation while remaining iconic.

An unmistakable style, harmony of graphics and colors, analysis and interpretation of international trends in coherence with the tradition of the individual brands give rise to an extremely varied and refined offer. Yarn-dyed fabrics, but also numerous piece-dyed fabrics, available in a wide range of colors and bases.

The constant search for valuable raw materials, the introduction of new yarns and new dyeing and weaving techniques, high-performance and extraordinary finishing are the foundations on which the group’s collections are created. Through the different souls of its brands, Albini Group offers its customers collections that range from the most sporty or contemporary taste to the most classic and sartorial.

Fabrics that represent the must-have shirt that everyone should have in their closet up to the most precious and exclusive fabrics in the world.

A service designed from the client’s desires, modeled on his personality and realized according to his wishes to offer a total tailor-made experience.

In Italy or anywhere else in the world, we accompany our clients to satisfy their taste, take care of their spirit, fill their eyes and dress them with our hospitality, guaranteeing punctuality and care in the service, which allows us to deliver the finished garments within 4 weeks from the order.