Tasting of fine Tuscan wines and discovering the secrets of winemaking with the wineries owners, a midnight private dinner in a Medieval Tower with traditional flavours of Tuscan cuisine, a magical indulgence in the world’s unique Spa in the caves with swimming in an underground lake, a secret accommodation in the Art Penthouse with Jacuzzi on the terrace with breathtaking view of the Duomo of Florence, access to the world’s masterpieces of art in Florence and Siena accompanied by eminent history experts.

It was in Florence where the Glorious Renaissance Era began!

A high-end tour operator Fly me to Tuscany is a team of travel, arts and wine experts with over 15 years of experience in designing unique Tuscan travel itineraries. Each tour is tailor-made according to the individual requests and the period of the year, to present the essence of Tuscany in the most sophisticated way.

Fly me to Tuscany offers luxury trips, by jet or helicopter, from any airport, vertiport or a yacht, to the most stunning Tuscan locations, for a one-day trip or with an overnight accommodations in the original tower or exclusive residence.

So we welcome you to experience the ultimate impressions of magnificent Tuscany.