Property Security

All security is excessive until it’s not enough.

How We Can Help

Security Consulting

Advising and guidance on security related issues and security systems. Providing a full threat assessment.

Security Systems

Coordination of installation of property security products with protocols of data limitation for different contractors.

Cyber Security

Implementation of cyber security measures for property video surveillance systems.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. To that end, all services are offered on the basis of our client’s needs. This ensures that we are providing the best level of service to the clients we work with and drastically reduces our client’s exposure to being sold security equipment they don’t need.

Our security consultants are former special forces security experts, experienced in surveillance/ counter-surveillance and social engineering. Our former special forces operators are backed up by a team of cybersecurity professionals. As a result, this expertise is translated into providing the most comprehensive security recommendations currently available.

Designing property security system, we coordinate limited access to security information for various contractors of the project, including our employees. This is one of the key factors in the effectiveness of the security system. Our threat modeling takes a detailed look at real and perceived risks in order to provide recommendations and services for protecting client’s property. 

We have extensive experience in safe systems design, having advised and installed many hidden options.

Bunkers and panic rooms provide a protected haven in times of crisis. They are fitted with full communications access to the outside world, independently ventilated and may be expertly hidden within the home.

New drone technology has created a privacy issue for many of our clients as drones are flown over the properties by unknown individuals. This creates numerous privacy concernsBecause of different imminent threats, our team offers various solutions available to mitigate this issue easily, from signal jamming to drone ‘takedown’ equipment.

Interior comfort consists of many aesthetic components, and of the inherent sense of security that gives us the inner comfort.