The name Giorgio Saporiti is connected with the introduction of the modernism in design, which made the Italian interior fashion what it is today.

Functional and laconic pieces of furniture, with acceptable bold colors solutions, but in its formal strictness and rationality. As, for example, the iconic models: Super Roy - a dynamic sofa of more that 5 meters, with seats on both sides covered with fabrics of a variety of textures and colors, or the Next chair, designed in 1953, conveying the spirit of the Epoch of the Changes, often recognized in the cinematography of the second half of the 20th century.

So the Il Loft factory was born. Today, it is a service in the «total look» interior design under the authorship of the world-famous architect Giorgio Saporiti. Interior, that definitely represents the recognizable style of his creator and, at the same time, reflects the taste of the Client who ordered the work of the Maestro.