Iconic ateliers of the art of jewellery that have maintained a great generational continuity since 1300.

One of the manifestation of great family traditions are relics that are passed down from generation to generation.

Due to historical circumstances, Italy is among the world leaders in the jewellery culture. Each region of Italy is known for its manufacturing focus. The main centres of jewellery art are Valenza, renowned for its workshops that produce jewellery masterpieces of the highest jewellery value.

Vicenza is famous for craftsmen of jewellery cutlery, paintings, engravings and decorations. The Tuscan city of Arezzo is known for its jewellery schools and laboratories. It is here where the famous collections are created to be showcased in high-end jewellery boutiques in Florence. And, of course, the famous district of Naples, where the jewellery mastery goes back for more than 2000 years.