Natural stones

The expression “made in Italy” continues to be synonymous with beauty, culture and quality, universal values that are reflected in the entire territory, in the way of life of those who live there, and that find application in the best national productions.
Veneto, in particular, is a beautiful region with extremely diverse landscapes: the splendid Dolomites, the green and lush hills, the fruitful Po Valley, the Adriatic Sea and countless lakes, first and foremost Lake Garda. Traditionally, the value of this region is linked to the industriousness of man and his ability to wisely shape the territorial resources.

With more than one hundred years of history, Margraf proves that it has been able to transform itself by adapting to the times and always remaining at the top. From the United States to China, from Arab countries to Europe, it has created works all over the world and worked with the most famous architects and artists. Giorgio De Chirico, John Burgee, Philip Johnson, Cesar Pelli, Norman Foster, Paolo Portoghesi are some examples of excellent collaborations, in which the company has been able to interpret the leaps of ingenuity with a cutting-edge technological point of view.

Because the human component remains an essential element in giving the product life and authenticity.

“Seeing is believing”

is the motto of Margraf with its new warehouse in Gambellara, a showroom with over 50,000 slabs of fine marble, granite, onyx, natural stone and technical materials on display in a total area of 162,490 square meters.

Marbles, Travertines, Sandstones, Granites, Basalts, Porphyries

Competence, experience and technological innovation must necessarily be supported by a raw material of extraordinary quality. For this reason Margraf directly manages marble deposits that provide a material with very high standards.

An impressive number that grows year by year. Margraf, in fact, has always invested not only in the acquisition of new quarries, but also in the technology of material extraction.

Taking advantage of the professionalism and expertise of its technicians, Margraf carefully chooses marble or natural stones in quarries all over the world, ensuring an exclusive material, essential basis for the quality of semi-finished and finished products.

Precious jewels from the heart of the earth

Marbles: metamorphic rocks, subjected to conditions of pressure and/or temperature different from those existing at the time of their formation. They derive from carbonate sediments of calcite and/or dolomite.

Travertine: sedimentary rocks, originated by chemical precipitation of strong carbonate rocks. They have an irregular texture, with frequent concretions and vacuoles.

Arenaries: commonly called also SANDSTONES, they are characterized by a very fine grain size, and by the scarce presence of cement.

Granites: intrusive rocks, very compact, resulting from magmas solidified in the deepest layers. They are composed mainly of quartz, orthoclase (white or gray color) and mica (white or black).

Basalts: effusive rocks, resulting from magmas solidified externally at room temperature; they are composed mainly of olivine.

Porphyries: effusive rocks, consisting of quartz, mica and orthoclase.


Gems and colored stones such as quartz, agate, amethyst, malachite, tiger’s eye, mother-of-pearl, lapis, sodalite, petrified wood, brown carnelian, are cut to compose slabs of unrepeatable beauty and charm.

Unique pieces derived from nature, capable of rendering spaces superb, with their chromatic effects. Some varieties of stone, in particular, have a peculiar transparency (quartz, agate…), which enhances the play of light through backlighting.

Composit Stone

Marble-cement is an agglomerate obtained from about 93% of natural marble and a small percentage of cement.  It is produced in vacuum blocks, with standard size, with the latest technology plants and, after a minimum seasoning of 28 days, sawn into slabs for the subsequent realization of floors, coverings, stairs, windowsills, ventilated facades, etc..

Marble-resin is an agglomerate obtained from about 95% of natural marble and a small percentage of polyester resin. It is produced in vacuum blocks of standard size, with the latest technology, which, after curing, are transformed into slabs for the subsequent realization of floors, walls, stairs, window sills, ventilated facades, etc..

Quartz composite is a material particularly suitable for interior design, for internal and external coverings of domestic and public spaces, which are modern and refined. Its aesthetic performance is optimal even when used together with traditional natural stone.  It is obtained by mixing together quartz, silica sands and colored pigments. The mixture is then vibrocompacted using a special vacuum process to ensure compactness. Harder than granite, with a degree of water absorption almost non-existent, quartz is resistant to acids and is antibacterial. This material has also obtained the important DIN (Europe), ASTM (USA), ISO 9001/14,000 and NSF certifications.

Quarzo venato takes inspiration from the finest marbles, which with modern technological innovation, meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Molded in 307 x 160 cm slabs, 2 cm thick, it has very distinctive technical characteristics and is also suitable for the production of designer kitchen countertops.

Porcelain tile is an innovative technical material. It is produced in large slabs with the ability to replicate all the materials of contemporary architecture used in our homes, such as metal, stone and concrete. Suitable for the realization of floors, walls, stairs, windowsills, ventilated facades, etc..