• RUGIANO deep blue sea

    Every color has the symbol and story behind. We all fun of classical beiges and cotton colors, but RUGIANO impressing all of us by this incredibly deep mystical color. Deep blue sea color leather on RUGIANO'S sofa so attractive and innovative!
    The tradition of synthesis of arts is present in all pieces of RUGIANO -choice of color, hand painted table tops. This is pure Arte di vivere!
  • ARCAHORN - classical traditions in contemporary interiors

    The history of Arcahorn is inextricably linked to the passion for craftsmanship of its founder, Mario Guerra, who in the early 50’s started working cow horn in a small workshop.
    For ages the symbol of magnificent dwellings of eighteenth-century sovereigns, but still contemporary, boiserie embellishes both classic and contemporary spaces adapting its form and composition to any interiors.
    Horn inserts, expertly-cut according to jewelry techniques, are nestled in this upholstered capitonné boiserie resulting in a unique and elegant fusion of materials.
    Еssential geometric shapes masterfully carved in wooden panels and perfectly combined with hand-shaped horn inserts, illuminate and enhance the surroundings.