From innovation and high biotechnology comes Chrissie Cosmetics, the line of highly effective treatments, rigorously formulated with the highest safety standards and certified raw material by clinical tests at international level.

The bioavailability of the active ingredients of natural origin, the use of Magnetized Water (patented biotechnology) and the Antiage Patent MI2003A001184 are the powerful allies able to satisfy every type of skin and become an integral and indispensable part of beauty and personal care.

We support only cruelty-free beauty and encourage everyone to be conscious of the methods of testing used products. All products presented by Allure Luxury Group and on this site are NOT tested on animals.


Water plays a fundamental role in the composition of cosmetic products, so the quality of the water used in their production is very important. Instead of traditional water, Chrissie and Rephase Dermocosmetics are formulated with MAGNETIZED WATER.

MAGNETIZED WATER has clusters (groups of molecules) of smaller size and this allows an increase in the transport capacity of the active functional ingredients, enhancing their effectiveness.

The magnetized water gives over time to each ingredient a greater vehiculation, activation and bioavailability of the active ingredients contained in the formulation of dermocosmetics.


And, of course, chic and innovative formulation for a golden tan, intense, protected in a very short time. A valuable anti-aging complex together with rare and extraordinary exotic oils, stimulates tanning by restoring hydration, brightness, softness and silkiness to the skin.

Colloidal gold, inserted in a complex of soy phospholipids and liposomes, is constantly released protecting collagen and preserving the youthfulness of the skin.

Thanks to OROPURO the skin is more beautiful, the tan is bright and lasts long. Small signs of dehydration are smoothed. While in the evening OROPURO PROTECTIVE OIL thanks to the presence of gold particles, becomes the best ally for a shiny and velvety body.