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We support only cruelty-free beauty and encourage everyone to be conscious of the methods of testing used products. All products presented by Allure Luxury Group and on this site are NOT tested on animals.


Nature loves spirals: from sunflowers to shells, from whirlpools to hurricanes, to immense galactic spirals, it seems that nature has chosen this figure as its favorite ornament.
The spiral of Liolà Cosmetics is an anti-clockwise spiral, used since ancient times both in art and as a culture of the person. The counterclockwise spiral indicates water. It is the representation of the path of introspection, reflection, to find the inner light.
Within yourself you can draw the necessary strength to achieve your goals and with Liolà your goal is to have a healthy skin treated by products that really work in a short time and that are deeply connected to nature.

Time control line for the luxury body care

Time control is an exclusive line and its greatest peculiarity are biopeptides small sequences of amino acids that are programmed to train the skin to fight the signs of aging, to tone and elasticize.
Time control is based on that principle of respect for the skin and reflects Liolà’s ideals.
This line does not contain PEG, parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

Biotechnology incorporates biological techniques for the creation of substances processed by cells and enzymes and we want to make the most of our knowledge to develop exceptional products.


Luxury body cream for cosmetic cellulite treatment

  • Lipid-reducing, slimming, toning, smoothing action.
  • It improves the appearance of the skin and reduces skin imperfections like orange peel.
  • Smooth and vigorous, homogeneous, elastic skin.

Luxury body cream for the cosmetic treatment of stretch marks

  • Increases skin tone due to increased synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • A smoother and more hydrated skin thanks to hyaluronic acid.
  • Nourishing and elasticising action thanks to the mixture of precious vegetable oils and vitamin E.

360° Line

We have studied a line that contains face and body care products, also used in luxury spas.

In the 360 ° line we find micellar water, cleansing emulsion, micronized exfoliator, moisturising cream and sanitising gel, that reaches 99.8% of naturalness.

The 360 ° line is designed for all skin types, to be used daily.

Moisturising body cream

Body cream rich in collagen, aloe juice, red seaweed and calendula to deeply hydrate the skin, giving it tone and elasticity.
Olive and marigold oils with shea butter firm the skin, giving softness and smoothness. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, avoids dryness and brittleness, guaranteeing a young and luminous appearance of the skin.
Quickly absorbed, it is applied to the whole body with a light massage.

 Increases skin hydration thanks to the presence of collagen, red algae.
 It makes the skin more compact, smooth and hydrated.
 Nourishes, elasticizes and tones the skin thanks to the blend of precious vegetable oils and vitamin E.


Micronized exfoliant

Creamy scrub with granules obtained from the micronized almond shell. The creamy base of the scrub allows to keep the granules in suspension avoiding thickening to the bottom.

The high concentration of granules makes this scrub particularly active, it guarantees a deep and gentle peeling. 

PH cream

With Acidification, not only is the acid barrier restored, but also the lipid and mineral barrier which in turn have a pH value. We can say that we do a skin reset and everything we apply subsequently acts much better, amplifying the action. The sour cream is suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Detergent emulsion

An emulsion with a density that is positioned between a milk and a nourishing cream. This feature makes the emulsion extremely versatile, it can be used as a mask (for the wealth of active ingredients) or as a face or body massage emulsion.

It can also be used as a base product and detergent being on a greasy basis to convey a wide range of active ingredients and to deeply cleanse and tone the skin.

Hands sanitising gel

No rinse gel to clean your hands quickly, all the times when you can not wash them. Quickly absorbed, it does not grease, it does not dry, it refreshes and leaves a prolonged feeling of cleanliness.

Luxury massage oil

Oil that contains 3 different ones. Soy, almond and sesame that are activated as the skin gets warmer during the massage. It contains no artificial fragrance but during the processing phase is inserted the orange flower just bloomed called neroli. Thanks to the synergy of precious vegetable oils and a slow processing, it is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Sport Line

The sport line is designed for the skin of athletes, who demand a lot from their body and expose it to high stress. Fast absorbing nourishing moisturizing fluid cream, based on shea butter, vegetable oils of almonds, jojoba, argan and corn, to be applied after sport to restore hydration and restore the skin’s natural radiance and tone. With organic extracts of echinacea, horsetail, horse chestnut to remineralise and restore elasticity and well-being to the skin.

 Restores hydration lost to the skin during sports activities with a consequent sense of pleasant well-being.
 Restores elasticity and tone to the skin thanks to the vegetable oils of almonds, jojoba, arganmais, shea butter.
 It protects, nourishes, tones the skin, eliminates tiredness.


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