Over 30 years of caviar craftsmanship at the service of unparalleled quality and incomparable taste.

The Royal Food farm originated in the heart of Calvisano (Brescia, Italy) in the early ‘90s when Carlo Dalla Rosa, a graduate in Science of Livestock Production and specialized in fish farming, decided to transform a former trout farm into a sturgeon farm and be one of the first visionaries to reffine the production of sturgeon in captivity. In the breeding farm called Acipenser Srl, populated exclusively by sturgeons since 1997, the first caviar extraction took place in 2005, after a production cycle that lasted decades and that took place in a natural manner.

In 2011, the Royal Food brand was founded by Nancy D’Aiuto, who decided to promote and market the superior-quality caviar, the best selections from the annual production of the farm of 9/13 tons.

The farm is characterized by ample water supply (up to 2000 lt/sec) which guarantees complete water change in the tank every 4/6 hours, a factor that ensures no unpleasant aftertaste in the caviar.

The farm, with 80 outdoor tanks and 75 indoor tanks over a 1 kilometer long, 10 hectare area, includes both native sturgeon and imported species native to the Caspian Sea.

The whole system is a complete cycle: sturgeons are born and live their entire life in the farm, from spawning to the larva phase, to mature female.

From November to April, sturgeons at the final stage of development are transferred to the specialized laboratory. Here, they will be processed in a carefully artisanal manner through the extraction, salting according to the Malossol technique (using a small quantity of salt) – and the first packaging.

Once the caviar has reached its optimal maturity, it is ready to be tasted, a natural multi-vitamin, rich in proteins and low in calories.

Persistency, intensity, grain and consistency, are different characteristics of different types of caviar according to the demands of each palate.


One of the most sought-after and most valuable caviars, Beluga is the best known caviar in the world, obtained from the largest and rarest sturgeon, native to the Caspian-Danubian area.

Its flavor is sublime, soft, creamy, and intense. The color varies from pearl gray to dark gray. Its large shiny eggs, texture, and complexity make it a highly valued product.

MATURES after 20 years.



It is one of the new 2024 super limited edition novelties not yet available, we explain why.
It is a very special caviar whose color can vary from straw yellow to pearly white and is an incredible and unexpected gift of nature.
It is in fact possible to obtain this caviar from several species of sturgeon – Beluga, Russian or Siberian sturgeon, but only one out of tens of thousands of specimens has this genetic variable: uncontrollable, unrepeatable and impossible to replicate.
The pearls are white, large in size, with a sublime creamy and unusual taste.
In the farm, in over 20 years of caviar production, only 5 sturgeons have offered  this delicacy. When will the next “lucky” extraction be? Only nature will know the answer.



A rare and prized caviar, the latest from Royal Food, obtained from Sterleto sturgeon, in its remarkable albino variant.
Considered a rarity because of its color, Albino caviar features small, gold-colored eggs with a velvety texture.

Buttery, herbaceous and spicy notes emerge.


Centuries-old techniques evoke the past and awaken our senses when very mature sturgeon females reach their second or third ovulation.

Sturgeons that have already produced eggs which were then reabsorbed, the same will ovulate only after 2/4 years depending on the species reaching the apex with precious eggs of superior size and brilliant colors.

Planning over the decades prior to extraction and increasingly virtuous research have allowed the team of the farm to obtain this extraordinary caviar.

It is certainly one of the most delicious and characteristic, with compact grains that range from amber to golden in color. A fabulous bouquet of olfactory and gastronomical sensations, an excellent tanginess characterized by an incomparable sweet note.



Obtained from the pure species of Russian sturgeon, Asetra is a highly elegant type of caviar with a very delicate taste which is delicious and soft, having a sweet note reminiscent of lobster and butter.

The eggs are very grainy, they are medium/large size (around 3 mm) and the aroma is not persistent. This caviar offers sensations of rare elegance and tender sweetness.

This is the perfect product for those who are approaching the magical world of caviar for the very first time.

MATURES after 16 years.



Very particular Oscietra caviar derived from the cross between the female Russian sturgeon and the male Siberian sturgeon, as it occurs normally in nature. Widely appreciated by connoisseurs, Russian caviar stands out for its intense and savory taste with persistent aromatic fragrances. The consistency is well defined with a medium/ large size grains and its hazelnut aroma make it one of the most cherished caviars.

MATURES after 12 years.



Originating from the Siberian sturgeon, this type of caviar expresses a sensation of natural freshness. Decisive, fresh, iodized and satisfying, the eggs are medium-sized and velvety.

The color can vary from dark brown to charcoal gray. It is rich with a strong and decisive taste. The perfectly sized caviar melt in the mouth diffusing a fresh taste with an aroma of oyster and dried fruit.

MATURES after 10 years.



It is obtained from the Sturgeon Stellatus, which is one of the smallest members of the Acipenser family, and it never weighs more than 25 kg. It is absolutely the tastiest caviar.

Its eggs are small, shiny, gray in color with a soft and silky shell. It has a particularly intense strong aromatic taste, which was certainly preferred by our ancestors. This caviar has great character and texture.

MATURES after 12 years.



Obtained from a top selection of aged caviar, Caviaro is ideal for a variety of food preparations.

This pasteurized (thermised) caviar is perfect to be served on moderately hot dishes precisely because the heat treatment it undergoes strengthens the cuticle of the egg, making it less susceptible to heat variations. A strong and aromatic flavor with eggs varying in color from brown to dark gray.

The texture is “crunchy” and explodes on the palate, giving an intense flavor, with light notes of forest and dried fruit.


Sophisticated and elegant boxes are available in different types of packaging. Designed for various needs, they enable the cold storage of the “black pearls” in their ideal state and in total safety.

An exquisite gift for oneself or for others, to indulge in the luxury of artisanal Italian caviar.


valuable product deserves the right ambience on the table, for a simple and sublime meal that generates a sense of well-being and sensory satisfaction.

Caviar offers its best flavor when not accompanied by other ingredients, but it can also evoke emotions through a culinary experience, for example when combined with neutral flavors such as potato mousse, stracciatella, uncooked fish or simply served on spaghetti.

It is absolutely necessary to keep it at the right temperature even while serving it, by presenting the tin on a bed of ice and by using mother of pearl or ceramic spoons.


The combination of caviar and champagne is eternal!

Our suggestion for a high-fat caviar with an intense and complex flavor, such as Beluga, Sevruga and Albino, is a tense champagne with a pronounced acidity that allows to degrease and clean the palate creating a perfect combination.

For a delicate, less fat caviar with a more graceful flavor, such as Asetra and Siberian, we recommend champagne with a lower acidity and a higher evolution with a fine perlage that goes to enhance the flavor of the caviar in a refined balance.

We invite you also to experiment more extravagant combinations with gin-based cocktails, preferably dry ones.


The product can be stored in the refrigerator between 0 and 4°C. Once opened, it should be consumed within 48 hours. The minimum recommended dosage per person is between 10 and 30 grams.

Caviar is a treasure to learn about.

You are welcome to contact us for a personalized consultation, together we can explore the magical world of black pearls.