Furniture for a luxury dining room

If you are searching for sophisticated furnishing solutions that will make your dining room a luxury temple, Allure Luxury Group is the ideal solution. A wonderful place where you will taste new delicacies accompanied by your favourite drinks, share the latest news and impressions, and enjoy some wonderful family time. The luxury dining room is an essential space in the house since it is a place for sharing and cheering.

Luxury dining room decor

Choosing furniture solutions for a luxury dining room does not just require you to have perfect awareness of the space to decorate, but also of the objects you wish to have there. In particular, it is crucial to rely on the help of an interior designer who can offer support on the selection of the most suitable solutions.

Marble dining tables, velvet chairs, or carved table legs are just some of the options to consider while decorating a luxury dining room. At the same time, the importance of good taste and the ability to coordinate all the details should not be underestimated. Indeed, the real luxury is not just expressed through the refinement of the materials, the details, and the lines, but also through the harmony with which these elements create aesthetic synergies.

Our new collection for your luxury dining room

Allure Luxury Group offers sophisticated and elegant solutions to create a refined space and decorate a luxury dining room. Here are some of our proposals to make the dining room of your apartment or hotel unique and memorable:

  • Dining table with chromed legs polished gold or black made from expertly welded tubes. The top is available in different sizes and can also be made of wood, glass, marble, or covered in leather.
  • Bookcases with bronze or dark chromed painted frames, available in different layouts. Shelves are available in leather or marble. Box upholstered in leather and available with or without stitching, with a frontal or both a frontal and a back opening.
  • Sideboard with bronze details. Leather-covered frame and glass doors. Inner drawer with a stitched door, and marble top with backlighting.
  • Upholstered armchair, available with stitched seat or with an upholstered frame in printed leather. 

Allure Luxury Group, luxury furniture Made in Italy

Allure Luxury Group has been promoting the beauty and refinement of Made in Italy products since 2010 through a careful selection of fine items and design furniture. In particular, our luxury furniture solutions for dining rooms will add new light and warmth to your space. If you are searching for some classic luxury coffee tables or for a luxury dining room furniture, you can rely on our artisans’ expertise who have gathered the experience and history of their previous generations.