Furniture for a luxury living room

If you wish to enhance the décor of your home or luxury hotel, you can choose from one of the many luxury lounge furniture solutions offered by Allure Luxury Group.

Luxury living room furniture

Choosing every piece of furniture for a modern living room or the decorations for a classic one is not easy. The living room is the best room for conviviality as well as relaxing and enjoying great time with close friends and family. This is why the choice of furniture for a luxury living room goes well beyond the selection of the sofa or armchairs since it must take into account other aspects, including the overall atmosphere you wish to give to the room.

Choosing the furniture for a luxury living room requires a deep knowledge of the materials and details that can add refinement to your interior without flaunting it. Moreover, it will make your guests grasp the history and expertise of its manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a clear idea of the living room furniture: you just need to trust the professionals of the field who will guide you in the selection of the most expert craftsmen.

The new collection for the furnishing of the luxury living room

Allure Luxury Group offers you the best furnishing solutions for your living room and area: our craftsmen, heirs to an ancient Made in Italy tradition, will create refined luxury living rooms, coffee tables, velvet sofas, and much more. Among our proposals there are: 

  • Ancient sofa for a modern living room: we offer a wide range of modular upholstered sofas with leather or nubuck details. The available structures are either smooth or with a “baguette” stitching.
  • Armchair: a collection of fully upholstered pieces of furniture characterised by a soft, sinuous backrest, enriched with stitching that creates a unique, comfortable, and cosy seat.
  • Sideboards: frame available in chrome or covered in leather. Upholstered doors available with or without ONDA stitching, with corner handle details for comfortable and elegant opening.
  • Modern coffee table: round and semi-round tops with bronze profiles, available in combinations of marble and leather or marble and ebony.
  • Console table: composed of two sculptural elements in cast bronze as the base and an oval oblong top, available in wood and marble, hand-painted or leather-covered.
  • Fireplace and TV/Multimedia mirror: bronze or chrome details. Upholstered frame with legendary stitching.

Our proposal for your luxury living room

Allure Luxury Group is a consortium of top-quality artisans who are the heirs of an ancient craftsmanship tradition, which is the symbol of the luxury and refinement that have made Made in Italy famous and appreciated. By relying on our consortium, you will be able to count on top-quality living room furnishing solutions, characterized by precious and refined details that make the furniture luxurious.