The scenery of the Dolomites is fantastic and unique on the planet. They are located in the North-East of Italy, between the Austrian border and the most Northern regions of Italy, mainly in Trentino Südtirol. They are recognised worldwide and have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Area. They are an astonishing expression of Mother Nature, a majestic symbol of purity, beauty and uniqueness.

Cedea mineral water spring was recently discovered in the deep core of the Dolomites. It was called Cedea, after the Goddess of Water and Life of the local legends. It’s the only mineral water spring at the feet of Her Majesty Marmolada the Queen, the Dolomites’ highest mountain. This high quality water has exceptional features.


The contained exploitation of its source allows Cedea to achieve maximum sustainability, without any impact on the ecosystem. Nature is the first key point in making Cedea a truly noble mineral water.

No human intervention is necessary. No drilling in the ground, no pumping, no invasive structures or machines, no filtering, Cedea is naturally pure. The plant and the entire production process have been designed to be sustainable and green at the highest level, in line with the local culture of high quality of life, protecting nature and safeguarding the environment.

The famous and historic village of Cedea has a population of around 1800 people. It is governed by the ancient laws of the local Ladin culture, which protect the land and the rich nature of this corner of paradise. In line with the culture of Ladin self-government, Cedea is an artisan business that is beautifully integrated into its natural environment.


Cedea has been conceived as a maximum expression of quality since the beginning. In this respect, all the aspects of its products reflect not only the best standards in terms of bottled mineral water, but also the fundamental culture of care for Mother Nature. The choice of Cedea is in fact to produce only prime quality glass, refusing on purpose any plastic packaging.

Sustainability and recycling are the only possible keys for a development gentle to the planet, and glass is not only a completely natural material for bottling, but it’s also the material keeping the best quality of the water that the planet gives us. Cedea is simply aligned with the natural principles of our Earth, thanking it for the highest quality of Cedea mineral water.


The pure and light taste of the Dolomites of Cedea, the onliest mineral water from the heart of the Dolomites, has been awarded by the most prestigious worldwide tasting competitions and organisations:

Zenith Global – Global Bottled Water Awards (Dubai): Best Natural Still Water in the World

At the end of 2019, Cedea was awarded as the Best Natural Still Water in the World by Zenith Global, in a ceremony held at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
And again at the end of 2021 as the Best Natural Still Water and the Best Sparkling Mineral Water in the World.
Zenith Global is a leader: the world’s most authoritative and recognised food and beverage consulting provider, offering its services to the industry’s leading companies and organisations, for some of the most iconic brands on the planet.
Zenith Global stands for certified quality and solid references for products that deserve their appraisal.
They specialise particularly in water, which is why their certification is so valuable, both to manufacturers and retailers, and to end customers.
The Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards saw Cedea compete with the world’s top players, achieving the top prize for the Best Water in the most important category: Still Natural Mineral Waters.
Within the same competition, Cedea won the world’s top award in two other categories: Best Packaging/Label Design, Best Glass Bottle.

American Beverage Testing Institute (Chicago): The Tastings Awards

Tastings, powered by the American Beverage Testing Institute, was founded in 1981 with the goal of producing fair, impartial wine reviews for consumers. Since then, the Tastings expanded to include beers, spirits, waters and more.

Tastings is an authoritative, independent product rating and review company that provides beverage buying guides and education for consumers and the trade. It’s a certified member of the American Society of Testing and Materials. Their reviews appear in many prestigious publications internationally.

In the 2019 Global Competition, the Tastings has awarded Cedea sparkling mineral water with the Silver Medal, as one of the only three sparkling waters awarded worldwide.

Acque Minerali Academy (Italy): Quality Certificate

Acque Minerali Academy is an international institution promoting the culture of Mineral Waters, aiming to protect and certify the water quality at the highest levels. It’s simply the most prestigious and internationally well-known Italian organisation in the business.

AMA is also known for its charity initiatives all over the world.

In 2020 the quality of Cedea has been awarded by the Acque Minerali Academy with their worldwide recognised Quality Certification.

The Fine Water Society (Ecuador): The Taste Awards

The Fine Water Taste Awards is the yearly competition organised by the Fine Waters Society, representing the Fine Water category. Its mission is to educate consumers, media and F&B professionals about the high culture of water. All the mineral waters of the high-end market attend this award, from all over the world.

The Fine Water Society held the 2019 edition of their Summit and International Tasting Awards In Stockholm. During the event, Cedea, the only mineral water from the heart of the Dolomites, has been awarded within the category of Low Minerals Waters by the most famous and recognised water sommeliers.

International Taste Institute (Bruxelles): Superior Taste Award (2 Awards)

The International Taste Institute, formerly known as ITQI – International Taste and Quality Institute, is probably the most well known and respected authority in the field of Food & Beverage quality certification, on global level.

Its judging board brings together the most famous and award winning experts, Chefs and Sommeliers worldwide, in order to promote the highest quality available on the market of food and drinks.

The most well known brands and big players of the planet participate to this award seeking for the best known quality certification, given by the most exclusive jury of connosseurs and professionals.

In 2020 and 2021 in Brussels, the International Taste Institute awarded Cedea the Dolomites’ Luxury Mineral Water with the Superior Taste Award.

Global Luxury Lifestyle Awards: winner in the category of The Best Luxury Water in the World

Cedea has been awarded by the Global Luxury Lifestyle Awards, winner in the category of The Best Luxury Water in the World.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards carefully select luxury products all over the world, judjung them based on marketing research and performance.

Cedea brand ranked in the top best mineral waters as a “brilliant representative of the luxury services industry”.

Thanks to the uniqueness of its high quality and design, Cedea Enrosadira Luxury Mineral Water has been chosen by Automobili Lamborghini as their Official Partner and exclusive Mineral Water.


    To generate a world-class luxury mineral water, we developed a distinctive and surprising high-end custom design. We created a bottle designed to be outstanding. The glass bottle design, as the brand itself, were specifically created and thoroughly crafted, completely customized, even challenging the production process beyond the conventional technological limits. The Cedea Enrosadira bottle is delicately printed and preserves the Cedea water freshness through a sleek, personalised aluminium cap. The bottle looks beautifully sensual, eye-catching on the table, elegant, stylish and distinctive. 

    Amongst a number of international recognitions, Cedea has been awarded with
    some of the most prestigious and exclusive Global Prizes for its unique, outstanding and innovative design:

    • Red Dot Award 2018
    • A’Design Award 2019
    • Muse Design Awards 2019 – Platinum
    • Muse Design Awards – Packaging of the Year 2019
    • Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards – Best Glass Bottle 2019
    • Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards – Best Packaging/Label 2019
    • Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards – Best Glass Bottle 2021
    • Good Design Awards 2019 by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
    • The ADI – Industrial Design Association of Italy, awarded Cedea with the Lombardy Design Excellence

      The famous romantic Ladin tale of King Laurin tells that he fell in love with the beautiful sister of the Ostrogoths King, so he kidnapped her. He eventually hid her into his kingdom, whose entrance was recognisable thanks to a magnificent Garden of Roses.

      To protect her from being found, he cast a spell to make the roses invisible: “No one will lay eyes on my roses, day or night”. But he forgot to mention the time when it is neither day nor night. So at sunrise and sunset, the glare of the sun floods the enchanted Rose Garden with its marvellous light, the Enrosadira.

      Honouring this legend, the Cedea symbol is a Rose flower, recalling to the magic Enrosadira of the Dolomites, while its stem is made with the name of Cedea, the Ladin Goddess of Water and Life.

      Inside its bottle, Cedea water glares and shines lively and vividly coloured, like the natural paradise of its birthplace, thanks to the surprising light refraction from the thick bottom, vibrantly painted and embedding the rose petals.


        Acqua Enrosadira is Cedea mineral water, harvested in a bottle made to express the beauty and the magic of the Dolomites. Freshness, pureness and quality are revealed through emotion, beauty and colour. The vibration of the Enrosadira effect is mesmerizing and magic, held in the energetic gracefulness of a bottle design that speaks of finesse and elegance by itself. The surprising effect of Cedea Acqua Enrosadira is scenographic and charming, able to create a unique atmosphere on the table of the dinner guests.

        Cedea mineral water carries the taste of the Dolomite mountains. Light and sweetly alkaline, Cedea is low mineralised with 119mg/l total dissolved solids and pH 8.1. Its low sodium level (0,006 g/l) and its balanced mineral contents make Cedea the ideal water for the diet of today’s lifestyle. Cedea Acqua Minerale Enrosadira comes both in Still and gently Sparkling qualities, with their twin bottles differently coloured in vibrant red and blue, and with their bottom embedding the sculpture of the Cedea Rose.

        The available bottle sizes are 750 ml and 375 ml. The small bottle of 375ml is designed to fit the major standards of the hotels refrigerators. Cedea Enrosadira mineral water is packed in boxes containing 12 bottles, ready to ship internationally. Cedea is available in its optional gift box, with the twin 750ml bottles inserted into an exclusive accessory sleek packaging, custom designed to highlight their design and colours. The gift box is also the ideal solution for displaying Cedea in premium boutiques of quality food and beverage products.


        Cedea 8.1 Acqua Minerale Alcalina comes both in Still and gently Sparkling qualities, with their unique bottles. 

        The available bottle sizes are 750 ml and 500 ml. to fit any need for restaurants, bars and hotel’s minibars. Cedea 8.1 mineral water is packed in boxes containing 12 bottles. Cedea 8.1 has been created to highlight the alkaline value of the Dolomites’ water. In fact, the alkalinity of Cedea positions it in a class of waters much more rare than the ty of the waters available worldwide, which are acid. (Their pH value is mostly between 5 and 7).

        The water has a primary role within our diet. Especially with today’s habits, the human body is easily exposed to metabolic acidity, which is not ideal. Intake of wine and alcoholics further pushes such acidity, as smoking too. Drinking alkaline water helps the body to reach a balanced pH, which needs to be slightly alkaline. For the same reason it’s healthy to eat fruits and vegetables.

        Many professionals in sports prefer alkaline water because it helps the body hydration during their physical performances. Cedea water can be part of a healthy diet, with its pH 8.1, making it always a perfect partner for any meal, contributing to balance the human metabolism. The taste of Cedea is light, perfectly clean, smooth and refreshing.

        The 8.1 glass bottle points out the alkaline feature with a strong character. Its stylish gentle touch, with a dedicated design, makes it unique, original and immediately recognisable.