By selecting the right air aromatization, you can create a striking environment not just on an emotional level, but on a sensorial one too.

Fragrances influence our emotions in ways that go beyond sight and sound: scents evoke associative memories and the imagination that creates new impressions. Olfactory memory captures scents that cannot be changed. These aromas link us to people, objects, and places that will never be lost in our memory.

This is why choosing adequately and strategically the right scent for a room is becoming increasingly important, not only to enrich a domestic environment, but also for hotels, yachts, and private jets.

Allure Luxury Group takes care of the air design by fulfilling two common needs: air purification and aromatization. To do this we use professional air diffusers which create purified and aromatized atmospheres by programming and adjusting them in their desired times and intensities. We can create different scenarios automatically, managing them in real-time via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The range of diffusers is divided into three collections:

  • Compact diffusers in different details and designs.
  • Mobile decorative diffusers in a sophisticated range of details and designs.
  • Concealed diffusers connected to HVAC systems.

Compact diffusers in different ranges of finishes and designs.

  • Diffusion capacity: up to 50 m3.
  • Dimensions: cm 30,5×6,5xH20,5, kg 1,5.
  • Scenting technology: micro-nebulization.
  • Purification technology: ozone emission.

These compact diffusers are particularly suitable for small and poorly ventilated spaces, such as wardrobes, fitting rooms, as well as elevators, means of transport: 2 minutes of ozone emission ensure the rapid destruction of the bacterial and viral load, and at the same time leave the clothes disinfected and safe at every change.

Mobile decorative diffusers in the sophisticated range of finishes and designs.

  • Diffusion capacity: up to 300 m3.
  • Dimensions: cm 25x25xH73, kg 12.
  • Scenting technology: micro-nebulization.
  • Purification technology: emission of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions.

For disinfection purposes, can be used in public areas with special hygiene requirements,such as medical and food premises.

Concealed diffusers, connected to HVAC systems.

  • Diffusion capacity: up to 1800 m3.
  • Dimensions: cm 34x12xH21, kg 4.
  • Scenting technology: micro-nebulization.
  • Purification technology: emission of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions.

This model allows to use several fragrances at the same time, creating differentiated aromatic scenarios, like day/night fragrances. Extremely quiet.


Sanitation systems are presented with two technologies: disinfection with hydrogen peroxide silver ions and ozone-based sanitation.

The synergic combination of silver ionization and hydrogen peroxide vaporization eliminates microorganisms on the broad spectrum. The vaporization of the hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant is widely used for its effectiveness in the medical field, and the silver ions are particularly active in penetrating the bacterial cell: they bind to the cell’s DNA, proteins, and enzymes causing the destruction of the cell. Thanks to its very short reaction time, the Silver Clean solution does not generate any volatile organic particles.

The power of ozone to sanitize air, water and surfaces is due to its ability to destroy the cell membranes that are at the root of the vital integrity of bacterial cells. It acts against fungi, microbes, viruses, pathogens, salmonella, dust mites, bed bugs, insects, fleas, ticks and lice by completely decomposing into oxygen within 30-60 minutes of air treatment.
Being a highly unstable molecule, ozone has a high oxidizing power and is able to break down complex non-biodegradable organic components. Since it breaks down completely into oxygen, does not require any elimination treatment.


After the technological selection of the most suitable diffuser, the time has come to try the various fragrances. Allure Luxury Group presents air aromatization for luxury spaces and proposes a real fragrance laboratory, offering a collection of 60 niche fragrances for interiors.

For the most experienced noses, we offer a unique fragrance design experience: we do not only offer exceptional fragrances, but, more importantly, an interior or brand story with it, that goes beyond simple air aromatization.

The design process of a customised perfume begins with the unconscious impressions given by the first samples of the precious aromatic essences that are felt. Later on, the exclusive formula of the scents is revealed, becoming an all-encompassing aroma that best expresses the individuality of the person.

Fragrance samples are displayed in our dealers’ showrooms globally.


Fragrance is a powerful communication device that allows you to reach your guests without using words: the aromatisation of an event is the final point in the development of the emotional experience. Thanks to the power of fragrance, your event will acquire a sensual nuance.