“For us, designing products is not just a mere production process, but is about creating tools of excellent quality to express beauty.”

Fredrik Citernesi, CEO & Founder of Bioformula

Bioformula was founded in 2003 by Fredrik Citernesi and his parents, Dr. Ugo Citernesi and Mrs. Kathe Andersen. It is the result of many years of experience gained by the company I.R.A. Institute for Applied Researches, founded in 1983 by the Citernesi family.

I.R.A. is an Italian innovation excellence in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry since 1983. Its applied research laboratories identify and develop revolutionary ideas, transforming scientific research into cutting-edge products. Continuous innovation has enabled I.R.A. to have one of the most comprehensive product ranges on the market with the highest quality standards.

Behind the conception of Bioformula was the idea of transforming all the expertise gained by I.R.A. over the years into a successful commercial brand in the field of aesthetic medicine. The absence of potentially toxic, allergenic or inflammatory substances makes Bioformula products safe to use. All products are constantly tested in I.R.A.’s laboratories to ensure their quality.


1. Injectable solutions:

  • Plenhyage – high molecular weight polynucleotides (2%, 2.5%)
  • Auralya – HA filler cross-linked with DVS (2.5%, 3%)
  • Evanthia – HA filler cross-linked with BDDE (1.5%, 2%, 2.5%)
  • Jalucomplex – linear hyaluronic acid skin booster (1%, 1.5%, 2%)

2. Sterile solutions for face, body and hair:

  • Amino acids, hyaluronic acid and enzymes
  • Dimethyl MEA
  • Hyaluronidase
  • Amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements
  • Lipolysis based on phosphatidicolin, deoxylic acid and carnitine
  • Hair treatments based on biotin, amino acids and vitamins

3. Ready-to-use solutions for medical-aesthetic machinery

4. Dermocosmetic solutions