“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – Bernard Shaw.

Spreading the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle, Allure Luxury Group presents high-end ecological farms of Italy, specialized in crafting exquisite delicacies. Likewise, we are delighted to welcome Gourmet devotees to experience unique techniques of the world-famous Italian specialities at agricultural farms.


What could be more joyful than a generously served table with several generations of a happy family gathered around it! And such table should be enriched with delicacies filled with flavours of love, warm traditions and intimacy.


The ceremony of serving non-alcoholic beverages is elevated to a special rank of culture and usually demonstrates the status of the host. Italy is a trendsetter in this etiquette, perfecting the quality of the drink itself, the aesthetics of presentation and culture of serving.


The culture of alcoholic drinks consumption is so diverse. As it is well known, personal preferences describe their owner in the best way: and this is certainly true when speaking about drinks. Winston Churchill preferred Whisky with soda and ice, Pablo Picasso – Absinthe, Ernest Hemingway – Double Papa Mojito with a double shot of Rum, which Ernest had in the morning, and Benjamin Franklin – Portuguese Madera. Your preferences are up to you.