Allure Luxury Group has selected the finest Made in Italy artisans to ensure the best furnishing solutions for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces and other areas. Our experience as a consortium allows us to introduce the finest professionals’ unique crafts at a global level.

Our solutions for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens

Living room, dining room and kitchen are the heart of home and express the hosts’ hospitality and style to the fullest. Every element must reflect the mood of the people who live there, right down to the smallest detail: this is why our craftsmen create sofas, armchairs, sideboards and coffee tables that are the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication Made in Italy.

The range of comfortable and versatile models makes you feel at home from the moment you enter the room. In addition, the modularity of offered creations allows Allure Luxury Group to fulfil every wish when it comes to furnishing solutions for kitchens, dining and living rooms.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom furniture must create a magical atmosphere and fill with energy: for this reason Allure Luxury Group proposes innovative, discreet and elegant solutions to transform this environment into a temple of relaxation.
Our craftsmen create products of absolute excellence and which are the highest expression of Made in Italy taste: upholstered headboards, bedside tables and benches are just some of the solutions that can be selected among the range made by the masters of our consortium.

Aircraft bedroom

Aircraft bedrooms, in particular those in private jets, must provide all the comforts of a large bedroom in a small space. The aim of aircraft decorators is to convey a refined, but never excessive luxury.

Expressing the identity of a private jet without flaunting the refinement of the details and materials is an essential element. Indeed, it is sought after by those who buy a private jet with bedrooms. Allure Luxury Group is the ideal partner for furnishing a bedroom in private jets since it makes sure that these rooms have all the comforts without neglecting the necessary delicacy and class.

Yacht bedroom

Just as in private jets bedrooms, those of yachts have their own unique features: their small size does not necessarily prevent expressing the luxury and refinement of the materials, textures, and details.

In particular, in luxury yachts, bedroom interiors must be in harmony with the rest of the yacht’s decor to give the right comfort to its exigent and sophisticated clientele. The cosiness of the mattresses and the softness of the pillows should be added to the silkiness of the bedsheets as well as giving particular attention to the choice of materials for the cabin furnishings. Those who stay on luxury yachts wish to enjoy a fairy-tale time without renouncing the comforts of a starred hotel, and Allure Luxury Group can offer the best solutions for making this desire come true.

Children’s bedroom

In the bedroom relaxation and comfort must merge to create a magical and warm atmosphere: this is particularly true when this room has to be created for children.

Office furniture

The space and furniture of an office are the maximum expression of the company image. At the same time, it is a precious tool to communicate company’s professionalism to colleagues and customers.

At the same time, office furniture should be ergonomic and should create an efficient, practical, yet elite environment.


Creating a sophisticated, welcoming but not unnatural atmosphere is an obvious result when it comes to garden and patio furniture.

The outdoor collection selected by Allure Luxury Group is modular, designed with woven synthetic fibers, structured in powder-coated metal. Thermal insulation, lightness, allergenicity and water repellency come together to create completely natural cushions.