Luxury office furniture

Luxury office has to combine functionality and aesthetics, expressing the corporate identity, without compromising its practicality. The space of the luxury office is a great demonstration of the company image.

Luxury office furniture is a precious tool to communicate company’s professionalism to its colleagues and customers, reflecting its values, ambitions, and mission.

Table: the sculptural harmony of the table clearly shows the excellent craftsmanship used in its creation, from the stone carving to the settings for the glass and metal parts. The base, made up of three curved stone spirals, lends such a lightness and dynamism to the structure that it seems to challenge the laws of gravity. The marble setting for the crystal tabletop exalts the contrasts between full/void, lightness/heaviness, endowing the piece with a natural equilibrium. Notwithstanding its significant presence, this table allows the furniture and objects to interact harmoniously, since its helical shape involves the entire furnished space.

Partition: this room divider is reminiscent of the classical geometric motif of the diamond-patterned fabric of colorful Carnival costumes, so that its playful and changeable nature is well-suited to the variety of colors and reflections, ever-changing and always unique, made possible by the 360 degrees rotation of the mirror-clad inner disks. The wooden outer frames, skillfully crafted as sections of diamonds, are fixed to the brass uprights and guarantee the complete solidity of the piece. The uprights are fixed to the ceiling and floor and held in place by pressure strong enough to ensure stability without causing damage to the walls. The chromatic vivacity of this partition is enhanced by the constant changing of the material and geometric arrangement of the rotating disks.

Couch, armchair: this upholstered set is characterized by a texture reminiscent of the rustication found in ancient aristocratic architecture. The suggestion is expressed in the matelassé leather of the body, while the pattern evokes a classic stitching technique used in the textile arts. The brass base is treated like a bracelet with precious mounts. In this specific case, the throw pillows pick up the colors of the body, rendering a coherent and uninterrupted overall picture.

Bookcase: because of its two-sided structure, this bookcase can be used as a room divider, while also maintaining aesthetic continuity with the accessories and the furniture included in the interior design. This piece, which recalls the game of checkers, can be used to compose settings and flexible and ever- changing volumetric effects. The wood corner fillets and the use of fine woods enrich its craftsmanship value. The brass inlays bestow lighting effects that further enhance a suggestion of lightness. The bookcase can double as a container through the inclusion of boxes with door panels, finely crafted and enriched with precious leather cladding.

Coffee table: the evocative image that gave rise to this coffee table is that of lilies floating on the surface of the water. The brass concentric circles of the tabletop recall the ripples of a stone dropped in
the water and imbue the surface with glimmering gold reflections. The surface relief suggests thick Impressionist brushstrokes. The Labradorite inlays heighten the fascination of the piece and, through their iridescence, generate chromatic effects that call to mind Monet’s celebrated water lilies. The smoked glass invites the gaze beyond the surface, in search of sunken treasures.

Table: this table showcases an admirable workmanship using brass foil as inlay, introduced as a decorative element. The play of light, enhanced by the fan-like geometry, creates an infinite vortex movement. The design of the pedestal was obtained from the three-dimensional projection of the inlay design. The tabletop was made using a two-toned inlay technique with semi-precious stone and marble or inlays in two shades of wood.

Chair upholstered in leather, with structure and legs in galvanized metal, light bronze nickel finish.

Armchair upholstered in leather, with base in satin bronze finish.

High small table with structure and legs in paonazzo marble and satin, bronzed brass. Top in glossy paonazzo marble.

Coffee table with structure and legs in paonazzo marble and satin, bronzed brass. Top in glossy paonazzo marble.

This sideboard looks like an antique and precious strongbox that contains and protects a rare treasure. It is characterized by geometric forms that recall the Deco period. The overemphasis and repetition of the two-toned line of the inlay work create optical effects that match the rhomboid shapes of the handles. The latter, treated as jewels, have inlaid semi-precious stone details such as Tiger’s Eye. This design choice creates a harmonious geometric effect on the front of the sideboard. The interiors of the cabinet are enhanced not only by the inlay motif of the doors, but also, and especially, by the use of Zebrawood or American Black Walnut, which creates a strong chromatic and emotional contrast. The brass and the marble of the top surface complete the value of the furnishing and confer majesty on it.

Mirror: reminiscent of the ancient labyrinth of Crete and its representation in the Chartres Cathedral, this mirror refers to the poetics of ancient art. In the design, we can recognize a stylized sun, with the brass in the frame creating golden reflections. The colored glass and mirror inlays intensify the magical dimension. These colored elements enter into dialogue with the wood and the gemstones.

High small table with structure and legs in antigua green marble and anodized aluminum, satin bronze finish. Top in glossy antigua green marble.

Coffee table with structure and legs in breccia damascata marble and anodized aluminum, satin bronze finish. Top in glossy breccia damascata marble.

Armchair upholstered in bouclè fabric, with three-legged base, satin bronze finish.

Leather upholstered sofa, with backrest composed of comfortable overlapping upholstered cylinders.

Rectangular table with structure and legs in paonazzo marble and satin, bronzed brass. Top in glossy paonazzo marble.

Bar cabinet: the open cabinet doors create an ideal embrace and suggest the most majestic wingspans of magnificent exotic birds. The two shades of the parchment materials emphasize the contrast between the shaped solid structure and the lighter moving parts. The four slender cylindrical legs in brass/parchment suggest zoomorphic shapes and contribute to endowing the piece with a striking humor and gracefulness. The interior of this cabinet is made with fine woods such as Carbalho and colored glass, able to arouse emotion and impart an undeniably charming style. The model of the bar cabinet with the front niche, elegantly lined with brass foil, with the back panel treated with a semi- precious stone (Iron Eye, or Tiger’s Eye), reminds one of a tabernacle for storing an exquisite elixir. Opening the door panels, one is struck by an explosion of reflections and flashes of light that create an extraordinary scenic effect with surprise value.

Pictures – courtesy of Circle luxury magazine at i Saloni Nautici VIP Lounge Genoa 2021 and Sotheby’s Milan 2020.