Jewels are undisputed objects of elegance and luxury that tell the personality of the individual who wears them. High-class accessories that can give light to the eye and enhance the aesthetics of each person, products of fine quality resulting from a long craftsmanship. 

Italian High Jewelry

The panorama of high quality Italian jewelry is the result of slow workmanship by expert goldsmiths who first design the jewelry in their studio and then realize it step by step paying attention to every single detail. Italy is a trendsetter in the ancient art of jewelry and its most prestigious creations are paraded every year on the most important red carpets to highlight the beauty of celebrities around the globe.

The traditions of each region of Italy have allowed the creation of a multitude of jewelry techniques spread throughout the territory, manufacturing specializations that over the years have been handed down from generation to generation and give rise to perfect jewelry, diversified in terms of material and processing adopted.

Talented designers have specialized in the art of jewelry manifesting their stylistic orientation with unique accessories and refined details or preferring a particular stone. The artistic process behind each creation represents a long journey made of inspirations taken from the outside world and summarized in a small jewel of great value.

The characteristics of a fine jewel

A fine jewel differs from more generic mass-produced ones because it is unique in its kind. The object is made in the laboratory by professional jewellers who know the stones, choose the best materials and work every part to obtain a brilliant and refined jewel that can give light to the owner. Every stone has its own meaning and every creation has a precise style; therefore, it is necessary to rely on expert hands to find the most suitable piece for one’s personality and style of dress.

Every precious stone has a document that attests its authenticity and takes the name of gemmological certificate: the document describes the chemical-physical nature of the raw material, its origin, purity, cut and finish. To make your jewel even more personal, you can request engravings and other details that reflect the character of the wearer.

Generations of artists from our beautiful country create bracelets, rings and necklaces every year using classic techniques and innovative methods. Vicenza is one of the main places in Italy where you can find luxury jewelry but also fabulous collections of gold and silver cutlery.
Arezzo is another place renowned for the production of jewelry where the ancient workshops dating back to the medieval period produce luxury accessories for the most important boutiques in the Florentine town..

Allure Luxury Group, the best jewels Made in Italy

Allure Luxury Group is a consortium of highly qualified craftsmen who cultivate Italian traditions and create the finest family jewelry, handed down from generation to generation. Ateliers that create jewelry masterpieces of the highest value and has been keeping alive its exceptional craftsmanship since 1300. The atelier is happy to share its values with those who wish to wear an exclusive and refined jewel.