Allure Luxury Group selects and offers the technical knowledge of the best Made in Italy craftsmen, specialized in the creation of accessories that can fully enhance the home environment. We provide a wide range of accessories for individuals and corporate customers who wish to purchase refined, classy and sophisticated creations.

Mattresses and bedding

Ensuring recreational rest is fundamental to guarantee our body’s perfect psychophysical balance. As has been confirmed by numerous studies in the field, the quality of sleep can affect the state of mind and productivity: Allure Luxury Group has selected the most sophisticated manufacturers of bedding and mattresses to ensure a rest at the height of expectations.

Technologically sophisticated solutions and elegant lines come together in the proposals of the master craftsmen of Made in Italy. Relying on the professionalism and expertise of our artisans we introduce luxury ergonomic mattresses that ensure quality rest and the maximum expression of sensations.

The numerous alternatives we propose are capable to satisfy the needs of everyone, especially those who desire a comfortable mattress that lasts over time and that is of absolute quality.

Air aromatization and purification

Allure Luxury Group works to create exclusive and high-class spaces: it is therefore necessary not only to concentrate on furnishing solutions, but, also, on a sensory level, awakening the sensations through olfactory stimulation.

For this reason, we have selected and gathered the best producers of interior diffusers, able to express in an essence the poetry and refinement of Made in Italy.

Our proposal is divided into three product lines:

  • Compact diffusers in different ranges of finishes and designs.
  • Mobile decorative diffusers in different ranges of finishes and designs.
  • Diffusers connected to HVAC systems.

In addition, we offer the possibility to choose sophisticated and discreet air purification systems, based on the most effective technologies: sanitization with ozone or disinfection with hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. Relying on our solutions is so simple to be protected from annoying allergies and protect those who suffer from them.

Allure Luxury Group introduces prestigious and bespoke solutions to all who wish to purchase high-end accessories made by the best Italian elite manufacturers. We have brought together the best Made in Italy craftsmen in a consortium that offers numerous solutions and services for our international dealers and retailers. We provide services not only for private individuals who want to acquire fine furnishing solutions, but, also, to the operators in the luxury HoReCa sector.

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