The infinite goodness of the landscape, the bright and clean air, fascinating fields of golden barley, ropes of hops, Monte Nerone purest springs clear and crystalline water. Collesi high-quality distillates and craft beers find their ideal microclimate in Apecchio, a small medieval village on the border between the Italian regions of Marche and Umbria. An uncontaminated and generous natural environment at a 700-meter altitude that ensured ideal climatic conditions and excellent raw materials.


The master brewer Marc Knops (Belgium)  conducted the operations from the first moment to make the Collesi craft beer balanced and of great appeal, in line with the Belgian Trappist beers. They are all high fermentation, unpasteurized and with natural fermentation in the bottle. This process keeps the aromas of every single ingredient alive.

    The collection is presented by Blanche beer, which special recipe contains the peels from lemons and oranges; a Pilsen Malt Light Chiara beer, that captivates instantly with its bright ans shiny golden colour; a Pilsen-Munich malt Bionda beer that releases the aromas of yeast, vanilla, freshly baked vread and honey; an elegant Ambrata beer which strong hop imprint enhances the hints of autumn fruits; a red Rossa beer distinguished with intense aromas of caramel, dark spieces, malt and toasted hazel nuts; a black Nera beer, recoglizable by its soft and velvety cappuccino-colored foam; a triple malt Triplo Malto beer, a doughy and malty at the start but soft, fruity and with peach hints at the end; an IPA beer, which compact foam makes it quite distinctive; and the range of luxury Draft beers.