Furniture Complements

Allure Luxury Group has selected elite finishes to create an environment of high class with refined atmosphere. The best Made in Italy craftsmen are available to create parquet, wall panels, natural and artificial stone arts, niche wallpapers and other furnishing accessories with the best materials available on today’s market.


Parquet is considered to be the “prince of furnishing accessories”: elegant, refined and versatile, it can be adapted to all furnishing solutions. Personal taste almost always finds a perfect match in one of the many types of parquet available, including modular parquet or herringbone parquet.

The artisans selected by Allure Luxury Group know how to create a perfect symphony between the lines of nature embodied in the parquet and the most ancient jewellery tradition: according to the requirements, the taste and the furnishing style it is possible to personalize the parquet with sophisticated decorative techniques or with elegant inlays with precious stones, mother of pearl, amber, Murano glass, crystal.

Choosing one of the parquet floors made by the craftsmen of Allure Luxury Group means not only ensuring a piece of furnishing of the highest level, but also long-lasting and of absolute quality.

Natural stones

Precious jewels from the heart of the earth: refined marbles, granites, travertines, onyx, gems and semi-precious stones such as quartz, agate, amethyst, malachite, tiger’s eye, mother-of-pearl, lapis, sodalite, petrified wood, brown carnelian. 

Giorgio De Chirico, John Burgee, Philip Johnson, Cesar Pelli, Norman Foster, Paolo Portoghesi are some examples of excellent collaborations, in which the company has been able to interpret the brilliance of talent with an avant-garde technological approach.

Because the human component remains an essential element in giving the product life and authenticity.

Wall panels

The decoration of luxury homes is used to be traditionally expressed through wall panels: it is no coincidence that the boiseries and the lambris still embellish the most exclusive spaces, making the rooms sumptuously magnificent.

Wall panel decorations are designed by Allure Luxury Group’s master craftsmen to be the perfect complement to chosen furnishing solutions: from plain wood decorations of chic elegance, to wall panels in nappa leather or fabric for those who wish to create a daring effect, and partition panels for those who want to achieve stylish motion in the room.

Choosing the wall panel that best suits the environment allows to purchase a timeless artistic creation and gives a touch of class to the interior design solution.