Relying on an expert art consultant means putting yourself in the hands of qualified professionals who know how to make their passion a real mission. An exclusive service aimed at private and corporate clients.

Art, a long-term investment

The world of art is constantly evolving. More and more people are approaching the artistic environment because they are intrigued to understand how the work of art is made and what message is hidden behind each figurative representation and creativity of the artist, whether it is a painting or a more articulated architectural structure. Art is considered a stable artistic investment, in which it is possible to invest in the long term only if the knowledge of the field is mastered.

Every artistic form is a manifestation of thoughts and emotions that can be transmitted to others and in which other people can find themselves and recognize themselves. An important means of communication and the tool for the ideological expression of the author, which is shared with the world.

When participating in an artistic event or showcasing works of art by creating a collection, every detail must be taken care of with precision, so that even the exhibition space becomes an integral part of the work. The famous author Dostoevsky wrote in his book: “beauty will save the world”, so here is how the artistic language in this sense celebrates aesthetics and becomes a real profession through which you can express your concept of beauty.

Art consulting: what is it?

An all-round service, aimed at art lovers who want to invest their time and budget in creative and original works of prestige. Behind the simple advice lies a great study of artistic history and aesthetic canons in order to be able to properly assess each representation of art and provide its exclusive support to private and corporate clients who can then rely on an expert connoisseur of the subject.

The service of the art consultant responds to these needs:

  • Strategies for the acquisition of works of art, including for investment purposes;
  • Research of works of art or commission of works for your spaces;
  • Private visits to the studios of major artists;
  • Collection appraisal;
  • Packaging, international shipping and installation according to safety standards;
  • Conservation, insurance, cataloging;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Loans of artwork to museums.

The expert art consultant meets the client and follows his indications and tastes in the search of artworks in line with his wishes. He mediates between the interested party and the collector and takes care of the administrative and economic management of the operation. The choice of the best consultant therefore turns on the right balance between the different demands mentioned above and the ability to meet the needs of its customers.

Allure Luxury Group: our artistic consultancy

Allure Luxury Group is honored to present an exclusive art collection consulting service for private and corporate clients. If you would like to receive support from professionals who know how to navigate the colorful world of art, you are welcome to contact us, we will answer any questions you may have.