Furniture is a valuable way to manifest your status to guests and create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere within your luxury hotel. A space in which to live a unique and special experience, all to be remembered.


High Design Furniture

The Made in Italy brand is the essence of Italian craftsmanship, the combination of ancient techniques handed down over time and modern ultra-technological style. Luxury furniture can be recognized by its high design, fine materials and attention to detail. Each creation is the product of a handmade experience gained in the field, which composes a sophisticated piece of furniture made in an impeccable manner, able to enhance the environment in which it is placed.

The Italian furniture is a varied and exclusive world that contains unique pieces, not reproducible elsewhere, each piece of furniture is, in fact, the highest expression of Italian luxury and refinement. The exclusivity of its elements and accessories is the main feature, the research and attention to detail is achieved in the creation of an original piece of furniture, handmade.

Luxury is manifested through excellent finishes and precious materials shaped by master craftsmen to give life to true works of art. Each piece of furniture is a collector’s item and reflects the mood of the person who owns it. In order to show elegance and refinement it is impossible not to consider Italian luxury furniture, famous and requested all over the world.

5 Star Hotels: Furniture

The world of hospitality is constantly evolving, more and more hotels want to give a unique and unforgettable experience, customized to the needs of their customers. Designing interior and exterior furnishings with luxury furniture is essential for success. The hotel is expected to ensure maximum comfort in its rooms and a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone arriving there. A starred hotel would benefit from high quality furniture.


All the spaces of the hotel follow, as a rule, a precise stylistic line and the furniture selected are valuable objects, unique in their kind, which are organized in the space in such a way as not to impede the livability but arranged in an intelligent way and distinguish the luxury hotel with a precise furnishing style. It is possible to play with shapes, colors and materials to create unforgettable scenic effects and suggest images that remain impressed in the mind of the guest. The important thing is to create consistency between furnishings and colors so that the visual impact is always effective.



Allure Luxury Group, luxury furniture Made in Italy

Allure Luxury Group introduces furnishing solutions of the highest class and exclusive Made in Italy workmanship, handcrafted by expert manufacturers, products of an ancient tradition that continues over time. The wide range of models to choose from is able to satisfy any desire when it comes to luxury furniture.