Nature gives us a precious and sophisticated element, wood. If properly treated by expert hands, this natural element can give life to a parquet floor that can embellish your environment adding a refined and noble touch.

The advantages of a high-quality parquet floor

Parquet flooring is synonymous with refinement and luxury. It is a furnishing component that can connote the environment with modernity, giving it a special look and a better light. In fact, it is a type of prestigious wooden floor that is increasingly appreciated and chosen for home furnishing, able to give warmth and luxury to your home.

Wooden parquet is a unique floor covering because the color, grain, knots and decorations that can be made on the wood determine an incomparable result. The naturalness of wood is suitable for any type of environment: industrial, private and commercial contexts. This material has important thermal and insulating properties and gives shape to a smooth and uniform surface, which is why it is perfectly suitable for flooring in sports areas.

High quality wood is a strong and durable wood, which resists use and age. Usually, the most suitable woods to be transformed into parquet are oak, walnut and teak. However, lighter woods are also suitable for the same function, as long as they have been worked by the skilled hands of master craftsmen. In fact, these are the true proponents of the luxury floor, a parquet that can give elegance to the various spaces in which it is installed.

The different types of parquet

Each type of parquet has its own peculiar characteristics based on the type of wood used for its processing, visual result and specific manufacturing techniques. The following types of parquet can be identified:

  • antique wood parquet;
  • herringbone and chevron parquet;
  • modular parquet;
  • artistic parquet;
  • solid wood parquet;
  • engineered planks;
  • decking;
  • sports parquet.

 What determines the strength of parquet is the technique of drying the wood. There are two methods of processing: natural drying (seasoning) and forced drying.

The range of woods to choose from is really wide and it is easy to find the most suitable for any space depending on the intended use and style. The finishes and details engraved on the wood can be adorned with precious stones, crystals or Murano glass to give added luster to your floor. The important thing is to always take care of your surfaces, treating the different woods with the right tools, such as waxes, varnishes and oils, to keep them naturally shiny and sanitized, resistant to aging and long-lasting.

Allure Luxury Group, Luxury and Artistic Parquet

Allure Luxury Group is a consortium of master craftsmen who have been creating fine parquet flooring for many years. Wood is an elegant natural element that with the right manufacturing techniques can create a luxury surface in a warm and elegant environment. If you wish to complete your interior with a high quality floor you are welcome to request an advice of one of our professionals to find the best parquet floor that will enhance your environment.