A clean and scented hotel is a synonym for a safe and secure environment that can offer unexpected sensations and convince more than a thousand words because its aroma sparks the imagination.

The power of scent

One of the most hypnotic communication tools is fragrance, whose persuasive power can overwhelm sight and hearing and provide moments of pure pleasure. It is a powerful instrument of expression, capable of filling the ambience with character and generating the desired sense of sensuality. To characterise a luxury hotel the right olfactory notes are needed, it is important to distinguish the perfume in order to leave those who enter with the perception of a unique and exclusive place.

Aroma diffusers release delicate fragrances that enrich the body and tell stories. The sense of smell is, in fact, the sense that most strongly associates us with people, objects and environments because it possesses a strong attractive force that is impossible to resist.

This is precisely why the process of choosing a fragrance for your environment requires a careful analysis of the space and materials in which it will be distributed and olfactory knowledge that can only mature if you rely on an expert consultant who can demonstrate the art of perfuming and help ascertain its value. After all, perfume takes on different notes on everyone’s skin and its perception is just as variable depending on the environment in which it is placed.

The power of perfume lies in the fact that it is able to activate the most emotional part of the human being – Marcel Proust dedicated an entire book to this precious material.

Sanitising a luxurious ambience

A high-class scented environment is an environment sanitised to the highest standard, which is welcoming and creates the right climate, both inviting and exclusive.  The best air vaporisation systems are those that possess state-of-the-art technology and meet these primary needs:

  • elimination of microorganisms on a broad spectrum;
  • sanitisation of air, water and contact surfaces;
  • disinfection and destruction of bacterial cells, fungi and other parasites generally present in the air.


In particular, room purifiers with hydrogen peroxide and silver ions are able to penetrate the bacterial cell to the point of destruction, sterilising the environment and making it protected and safe for those who usually stay there.


In addition, professional ozone generators sanitise the environment safely without the use of chemicals. Recognised by the Ministry of Health of Italy and the WHO as a powerful aid for sterilising and sanitising the environment, the ozone sanitisation system is also the ideal solution for cleaning environments contaminated by viruses and bacteria. It only takes 30-60 minutes to disinfect the environment and make it hygienically impeccable at all times.

Allure Luxury Group, purifying the air with sensual fragrances

Allure Luxury Group deals with air design by fulfilling two basic needs: to purify the environment from harmful substances and to aromatise the air both in domestic spaces and in hotels, yachts and private jets. You can create the scent scenario you desire by requesting the advice of a professional who will introduce you into our rich collection of fragrances to create your own personal composition of aromas.