A high tailoring suit is able to enhance the appearance of the wearer and to mark the style of the person. A suit created ad hoc made with fine fabric that gives pure comfort and lightness, the perfect business card.

Made in Italy clothing

The concept of Italian haute couture is quality: every piece of clothing, accessory and footwear is made with top quality fabrics, selected from numerous materials based on their softness and workmanship, all strictly of Italian origin. The artisans work the raw material manually to give it the best shape and so that the wearer can recognize the fineness and lightness of the precious sartorial fabric. Haute couture fashion houses are made up of specialized professionals, a team of expert designers, tailors, knitters and embroiderers who, with passion and devotion, dedicate themselves every day to creating new, unique and original garments. Classy clothes that communicate elegance and prestige and are able to enhance the aesthetics of the male and female silhouette. The key to the success of Italian tailoring is the detail, the careful and refined particulars that become iconographic elements of the created garment, a factor of distinction from generic textile industries that ennobles Made in Italy.

In order to recognize and appreciate a made-to-measure garment, it is necessary to first know the origin of the raw material. The sartorial fabrics used for the production of bespoke clothing are more precious than those that can normally be found in large-scale distribution. The details to be noted to deduce the high craftsmanship concern the wearability of the garment, the so-called fitting. An excellent tailoring garment glides over the body without marking its criticalities, it is a dress designed on the person’s bodiliness that enhances its aesthetics.

Depending on the body shape, the sartorial fabric has a different cut: the ratio between the circumference of the waist and chest changes and determines the length of the garment as well as its ability to adapt to the body of the wearer. Also important is the lining of the jacket so that it is soft and the length of the sleeve that should always be one centimeter less than the shirt to see the cuff. A tailor-made trouser wraps the hip perfectly and its length does not have a standard measure, it depends on preferences. The opinion of a professional could in this case be winning to create the right trouser according to their physicality.

Allure Luxury Group, the perfect made-to-measure men’s suit
Allure Luxury Group offers the excellence of the most distinguished Italian designers, specializing in bespoke tailoring of clothing, footwear and accessories for women, men and children. Our consortium collaborates with the most luxurious boutiques around the world and our master craftsmen are available for personal consultations for private and corporate clients.