Fine Italian wine is the expression of high quality and careful attention to the best grapes, harvested by expert hands and processed into a luxurious bottle to be shared with the most important people.

Fine Italian wine

Italy hosts one of the largest wine productions and its denomination certifies its excellence recognised everywhere, a high level of qualification with DOC and DOCG marks. The following factors distinguish the fine wines of the Bel Paese: ● vineyard; ● vintage year; ● brand reputation of the winery; ● availability of the wine; ● slow vinification subject to periodic controls.

When to present a fine wine as a gift

When you know the person you want to present a gift to but don’t know their preferences, there is one panacea gift that always works: a fine bottle of wine. Fine wine is the solution to any present for several reasons, first and foremost the quality of the product presented.

Excellent wine, of strictly Italian origin, is a product of distinction that is easily consumed on any occasion, lasts over time and lends itself to various situations of use. Displaying a bottle of high quality wine at a lunch or dinner, for example, enhances the culinary delights and gives the ambience a pleasant and friendly tone.

Fine wine brings people together and is the best gift for celebrating friendship. It can be enjoyed in the company of others, but can also be savoured alone to give the moment of tasting more attention.

Finally, it is also possible to organise a tasting tour in a wine cellar to better understand wine-growing techniques and to compose unique fragrances to be dedicated to someone you love, and always in the same place to buy a bottle of excellent wine, thus appreciating the taste and smell of the precious product.

Allure Luxury Group, high quality Italian wines Allure Luxury Group has a portfolio of beverages produced on Italian organic farms for worldwide distribution. We are delighted to invite wine enthusiasts to visit fine wine cellars and our sommeliers are happy to help you choose the wine most suited to your palate and preferences. Every table should be set with refined delicacies to enjoy with those you love.