The irresistible charm of the exclusive handcrafted Panettone collection lights up the spirit of the most magical holidays of the year! An applause to the joy of the season!

Authentic Italian pastry tradition expressed in the collection of Luxurious Artisanal Panettoni featured in elegant design-boxes: Traditional Panettone, Panettone Caffe Arabica and the exclusive 2024 season recipe – Panettone Ciocolato e Vodka – the union of chocolate drops and smooth vodka cream, expertly prepared without candied fruit or raisins for a pure and pristine flavor.

And there is more! The special edition of the 10 kg Panettone, dressed in the signature garment of natural silks, to elevate the festivities into magic and brighten the celebrations. Produced in the respect of tradition by one of the best bakeries in Italy, this Panettone is a unique experience for the senses, the result of a perfect harmony between hand-picked ingredients and artisanal methods.

The Refined Panettone collection, born from the delicious recipes, is a festive delight that promises to enchant the senses. A temptation with the enveloping fragrance and freshness of a dessert that speaks the world language of excellence.