The magical craft of high artistic perfumery is like a mysterious spell … it gently allures with its blessing silence.

A dimension of beauty, an enthusiasm for innovation. Behind the brand lies the idea of creating unique and timeless objects featuring remarkable details and harmonious lines. From the concept to the creation of its artistic fragrance collections, Moresque successfully combines the best of Italian olfactory creativity with the ancient and prestigious tradition of artisanship.

Moresque is a tribute to the splendor of the Moorish Art. It is also a hymn to the refinement of oriental perfumes and to the “Made in Italy” know-how.

Moresque fragrance collections reflect the philosophy of Minimalism through their design essential features: each perfume offers an appealing contrast between the absolute rigorousness of its lines and the richness of its details.

Five collections for five different expressions of opulence.

ART COLLECTION. Sublimity and exclusivity. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation reflecting both the virtuosity of italian artisan decorators and the artistic sensibility of Moresque’s master perfumers. Each fragrance is dedication to the Legend, treasured in flacons that are unique works of art: each piece is handmade according to an old Florentine decoration technique.

BLACK & WHITE COLLECTION. Black symbolises audacity and intensity, elegance and exclusivity. This collection is a tribute to the Arabic tradition and interprets the desire to stand out. The White is grace and charm, a passionate dialogue between nose and heart. This is a sophisticated collection that speaks of rare emotions, awakens memories and revives unexpressed desires.

GOLD COLLECTION. A treasure conceived around the concept of splendor which echoes an ideal: one’s accomplishment and breakthrough in life. it is the essence of emotions, the energy of substance and the distilled perfection of nature through its elements: water, air, fire and earth.

A secret about elegance, charm and a new idea of luxury. The SECRET COLLECTION represents the roots, the essence and significance of Moresque’s research and beginnings. It is the prologue to the olfactory and stylistic narration of the brand. Mysterious and hidden to the general public until now, the Secret Collection is the first one the brand ever created.

Moresque translates the essence of his masterpieces into bright and unique fragrances in which rare, finely blended ingredients convey uncompromising perfection: the ART OF BLEND COLLECTION. It magnificently blends successful formulas and precious twists, unveiling enchanting new fragrances, that pay homage to the most ancient and mythical materials in perfumery.

The House of Oud is the story of a friendship between Andrea Casotti, an Italian Master Perfumer, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, a producer of Jakarta oud, two people who share a passion for art, perfumes and travel, together with a sense of beauty and their love of study.

Their ideas and inspirations have been collect from all over the world into a single ‘house’. Theirs is a rather special house: it has no walls or borders, but is open to opportunities and to visits, furnished with knowledge, experience and the age-old art of perfumery.

Fruits of KLEM GARDEN COLLECTION ripen in the perfect geometry of nature and are offered as gifts: they become opportunities to seize, visual and olfactory sensations so strong that they seem to speak out loud, describing the beauty of life better than any words. This is the timeless garden.

Olfactory treasures hidden in the ROYAL STONES COLLECTION. A new olfactory story inspired by the beauty of the land across the channel. Treasures captured in sparkling bottles, inspired by the British Royal Family. Real olfactory gems in the selective perfumery.

The DESERT DAY COLLECTION is an interpretation of time in the desert: an olfactory narrative of 24 hours in the world’s most elusive place. With this collection’s five fragrances, The House of Oud photographs the beauty of this wild terrain and the metamorphoses it undergoes in the course of the day.

The CROP COLLECTION fragrances are 100% natural and are created by distilling a blend of ingredients of the highest quality. Each year, a selection of the best quality Oud and one of the best raw materials from Mohammed Abu Nashi’s harvest gives rise to the limited edition. Certified.

Andrea Casotti’s concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal accumulations of a nuclear engineer who is also a visionary, a street artist and a perfumer: a chameleon-like explorer who employs dynamics, colours and the ingredients of his fragrance house with talent to reproduce a vibrant synthesis of widely different universes in every one of his creations.

Idea of Artistic Perfumery is dedicated to the collection the UNIVERSE THoO, which is setting out on its journey through the contemporary world, cross-fertilising between art, music, styles, fragrances, painting, beauty, patisserie, nature and life, following the map of creative freedom.

The new collection discovers itself. Sparkling and eccentric. Unpredictably designed bottles, new olfactory formulas inspired by original and surprising ingredients. The new artistic direction gives maximum freedom of expression. In a single word CRAZY THoO.

New Notes is a new generation of Extraits de Parfum. Its formulation enhances the dynamism, persistence and vibration of the blends on your skin. 

The beauty of a perfume is incredibly subjective, and not just for reasons of taste.
The uniqueness of each epidermis influences it with its chemistry and its heat, it changes its olfactory projection. It is these minimal and singular variations that make each perfume unique.

That is why New Notes invites you to try his Extrait de Parfum directly on the skin. Create a lively and interactive alchemy, illuminating yourself with a myriad of enveloping olfactory nuances, where the uniqueness of your skin is the last necessary ingredient.

CONTEMPORARY BLEND COLLECTION from the unusual marriage between the most emblematic essences of perfumery, worked and mixed with divergent touches, eclectic notes, exquisitely contrasting accords. Contemporary and multisensory blends that broaden horizons, beyond pleasure.

HOLOGRAM COLLECTION imprints a three-dimensional vision on a two-dimensional image. Each Hologram fragrance searches for new olfactory depths starting from the super imposition of luxurious raw materials. The superimposition of different tones of the same note, as a bridge of value for all the others, generates kaleidoscopic and unconventional extracts.

Blend Oud is a refined melange combining the knowledge of the Arabic perfumery art that goes back millennia with the most magical and emblematic ingredient in the history of perfume: Oud.

Blend Oud takes its inspiration from a very ancient tradition: that of the noble gestures of the Arabic perfume masters, who used to blend the exceptional, rare and precious, raw materials, patiently and methodically, bringing to life a valued and fascinating olfactory culture.

The fragrances in the PRIVATE and ORIGINAL COLLECTIONS embody the spirituality and origins inherent in the creation of a perfume. They lead to an experience that has been exclusive to the Arabian world: savoring and deeply understanding the true soul of a fragrance through a thousand nuances.

The VOYAGE COLLECTION is the third Blend Oud collection: a fourstep sensory journey that explores the colors and the splendor of some of Africa’s most famous lands. From Morocco to the Emirates, from Tanzania to Madagascar, the four fragrances describe an exciting route to the discovery of local treasures where the most precious Oud serves as the compass.

Perfume is a form of art which speaks to the sense of smell, such as painting speaks to the sense of sight and music to the sense of hearing. The Private Collection Rephase selective perfumery suggests original fragrances – invisible, timeless alchemies.

Evocative, all-absorbing, alluring notes that fit the wearer’s personality. Mysterious, seductive accords that tell a story, make themselves heard and become our voice.

A warm, mysterious, invincible fragrance BLACK AMBER. A sumptuous composition packed with fruity notes of plum and pear that gently evolve around subtle hints of rose. Warm woody accords blend with the mysterious notes of amber to create a harmonious contrast that is sensual, captivating and simply irresistible.

The essence of mystery, of pure, divine, timeless elegance of MYSTIC OUD. Subtle notes of Jasmine combined with the irreverence of nutmeg and saffron, introduce warm and intense notes of oud, which evolve around the intensely soft fragrance of Gurjum Balsam. It is the allure of the traveller, which entwines the strength of patchouli and the robust character of vetiver, while intense notes of incense bring a sense of sacredness and mystery.

An alluring and captivating OCEAN WAVE  to experience and to love. An intense sea breeze mingles with the intoxicating aromas of myrtle and Litsea Cubeba, through the sparkling and seductive fragrance of neroli blossom and rare, elegant notes of violet. It blends with amber and warm wood at the heart of the Earth, before gradually re-evoking the freshness of the sea from which it originates.

The corolla of a nocturnal flower that opens up to the warm rays of the sun, only revealing its secret at sunset. BLOOM CAFE captivates with its lively citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot disperse, releasing the floral heart of the fragrance. The sweet note of the coffee blossom mingles with the bitterness of almond, evoking precious olfactory emotions. A hint of vanilla on an undertone of wood and ambergris is released at sunset.

A journey through magical GINGER WOOD in the emotional dimension. Sparkling top notes of Buchu Leaf and Pink Pepper embrace a soft and sweet velvety peach heart and blend with the noble spirit of jasmine and violet. The delicate floral accord meets the bright notes of ginger, and blends with the ethereal and timeless notes of musk and amber wood.

“Private Collection, not only perfumes, but emotions to be evoked.

Five exquisite seductive fragrances projecting your mind into new spaces and sensations”.

Roberto Casadio, CEO Rephase